Those of you with grandparents nearby, you’ll surely understand this. It is an absolute blessing to have family close by to watch the kids when you have a quick errand, want to meet a friend for a drink or simply get a moment to yourself.

Some of you have a warm and cozy upper generational family member here in the flesh, or human form. I, on the other hand, have a different kind of Grandma. The kind that comes in a multi-leveled infrastructure. The kind that employs thousands of people, offers several classes a day, houses a wonderful organic cafe AND provides included childcare. What to the WHAT?? Who needs a grandma nearby when you have a GYM MEMBERSHIP people?? You’ve already made the monthly expense and let’s be honest, you’re nooooooooooooot going to make it to the zumba class that’s been on your Google calendar for months. Suck it up, admit defeat, and use your gym in a place that actually makes SENSE.

So if you want to hit me up for a smoothie and catch-up…. Let me check in with Grandma Lifetime. Her hours are lengthy and she NEVER complains when I drop off, so I consider myself to be fairly open with my scheduling.

If I need a haircut? Grandma Lifetime.


Sure, Grandma Lifetime doesn’t travel to me. Nor does she let me go to Target, indulge in happy hours or meet friends off her grounds. BUT that is a very small price to pay for her hospitality. Wouldn’t you say?

Hell, I even have a different “Grandma Lifetime” in a nearby zip code incase the first one gets sick of my face 🙂