Summer has come and gone, and of all of the remaining items on our bucket list that have gone unchecked, none made us more sad than the inability to get to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. Much to our childrens’ liking, we saved the best for last! We spent our Labor Day roaming the rows of sugary goodness with hundreds of strangers on a similar mission. The Mojitos & Munchkins family conquered Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, and we did so in style!

Follow the Yellow Wood Gate

Long before you get to the building itself, you’ll see a BRIGHT yellow fence. This is the moment that the entire vehicle starts to wake-up from their driving slumer. There is a new mission on the horizon and the smell of carameled corn and fresh taffy are awaiting. The sight of the looooooooooooong yellow fence gives them something to look forward to, and the excitement is NOT limited to kids alone.

When you see that fence, start following and don’t stop until you get to the equally bright – but bigger – main attraction.

There isn’t a picture that exists that can do the size of this place justice. There just isn’t. From the outside, this bright yellow structure is nearly impossible to miss, and difficult to drive by without stopping to see yourself.

Just when you think the view can’t get any better than the outside, you park and start your walk. We’ll call this area the strip mall of Jim’s Apple Barn. Here, you can find seasonal crafts, outside and yard decor, and fresh produce. If you want a good selection of pumpkins, at an outstanding price, this is the place to go!

Candy and Puzzles and Fudge, Oh My

When the moment finally arrives that you get to set foot INSIDE the big yellow barn… Proceed with wide eyes, a semi-full stomach, and the wreckless abandonment of a child. You guys, I. Can’t. Even. There is SO much inside of the store and It’s like Christmas morning and Halloween all rolled into one happy shopping trip. There are pastas and sauces, fudge and taffy, homemade pies and pastries, beef jerky and cotton candy, bacon flavored chips and pickle flavored soda. There is toxic waste and lemon drops, chocolate covered bugs and sour fruit chews and gumball machines, rock candy and honey, novelty and retro. There is truly something for all palettes, interests, and budgets. 

Setting Limits {Necessary for Children and Adults Alike}

Take it from a seasoned visitor of Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store: Set limits. This is an outing that you may not want to blindly walk into, for both the sake of your children’s college tuition fund AND the sugar levels on your drive home. Whether it is an item amount, a dollar amount, or a different set of parameters, establish them long before your eyes get too big for your stomach.

Calling All Root Beer Fans

The large collection of root beers, sasparillas, and other flavored sodas is quite the site. Your best deal is to stock up and mix your own 24-pack. If you’re looking for just one, you can get a cold one from the cooler or choose from the large selection off the shelf. Either way, you’ll find something you like in the world’s largest soda selection.

Unexpected Extras

Since starting the family business in the 1930’s, and after celebrating 38 years in their current location, family owned and operated Jim’s Apple Barn took it to the next level. In 2017, they added a 60-foot space dome to store even MORE candy than before.  Some things you’ll stumble upon during your shopping spree, that you may not be prepared for include a vegetable band, a talking bear, a fortune teller, painted murals of space, and a larger-than-life Hulk. Also, be sure to stop in the inside-porta-potties while you’re there. Seriously, go IN. 

Important Things to Remember

  Come prepared to make some stifling decisions. This isn’t for the faint of heart or the indecisive. You’ll quickly get swollowed up under a heaping basket of calories if you can’t make your choices.
✔ Bring cash. Business is done old school here with NO ability to use a credit card at the registers. Don’t worry, they have back-up options for those of us who don’t carry cash. You can use one of 6 on-site ATM’s.
✔ Bring friends. A field trip like this is always more fun when there are more people to help with the memories. Plus, if everyone buys a few items and commits to sharing, just think about all of the wonderful things you can taste!

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