We all remember that initial feeling of love that hits you like a bolt of thunder. Cupid strikes you right between the eyes with his arrow, and you are quite literally head over heels in love or lust with a new partner. However, how do you know if he feels the same? Will you feel this way forever or is it just the novelty of a new relationship? These questions can crop up as our relationships become more long-lasting. While you might be keen to settle down, it’s important not to rush heart first into a committed relationship. Take a look at these telltale signs that he might not be the one.


Relationship Scare: You Haven’t Met His Friends

If the guy you’re seeing is not very eager to show you off to his pals, then something is awry. In the early days of a relationship, it’s actually quite sensible to keep friends and new partners apart to give the newly blossoming relationship a chance to mature. However, if after six months, you still haven’t been introduced to a single friend, then he might not be seeing your relationship as going the distance. His unwillingness to open up an important part of his life to you may show that he won’t be committing anytime soon.


Relationship Deal Breaker: Habits

If you abhor smoking and you are going out with someone who likes a social cigarette every now and then, some might say that you knew what you were getting into. Although you might gently nudge him towards sites like PortableHookahs.com to change his nicotine for an e-cigarette, he may not be interested. If he’s unwilling to change something that you are so vehemently against, then the chances are the relationship simply isn’t going to work. At the same time, perhaps your need to change him demonstrates how he is not husband material.


Relationship Worry: Commitment

If after a year or two or three you are still not living with your partner, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. The issue arises when one person in the relationship wants to settle down, possibly get married and start a family. If he’s not willing to live with you after a long-term relationship, you can rightly begin to question why this might be. He may state that he doesn’t want to rock the boat and that he is happy the way things are. While this is honest, it may not satisfy your need for something more from the relationship.


You Prefer To Be With Pals

A healthy relationship is one that allows each party some breathing space. You don’t live in one another’s pockets, and you are more than happy to see your partner spending time with their friends and vice versa. If, however, you are finding yourself wanting to spend more time with your pals rather than your partner, something may not be right. It might simply be that you are drifting apart, but if you’d rather be in someone else’s company rather than with the person you are in a relationship with, it might be time to call it quits. A site like psychologytoday.com can help give you the strength to move on.

You are not defined by being in a relationship. Don’t go hunting for it, be happily single and love will inevitably strike when you least expect it.

Photo Credit: April Walker, Pixabay