Oh, Pinterest, I love you. Your creative ideas provide inspiration and make me feel like anything is possible. Even when it’s not… The recipes you give me turn out different in my kitchen. The “potty-training in 2 seconds” approaches you give me simply do not work on my real life kids. The DIY home projects typically leave me calling in a professional because I’ve made the place-in-question-area worse than it originally started. Yet, like the dirty ex-boyfriend you are, I keep crawling back for “one more time.” So here we are again.

This time, I searched within you for “Fall newborn photo shoots.” From leaves, to pumpkins, to apples, you gave me inspiration. The idea I found myself most attracted to was a candy corn themed venture. I even rush-ordered a specially knitted candy corn baby bonnet from Etsy. On a related note, Pinterest, do you hold stock in Etsy?? Clearly you must, and your connection and insider-trading-relationship has just been outed.

So here I sit, fondly gazing at the most beautifully festive, candy corned sweetie of a baby. Seriously. This photo is breathtaking. The little hand on the chubby cheek, the candy corn adorning a beautiful wrapped baby, with the Etsy knitted hat adorning the top of a sleeping baby’s had. Once I place my newborn into this photo, I will order poster sized prints and place them above my mantle. This will be the birth announcement of my fall baby. This is going to be on the cover of magazines!!!! Just look at it…. It doesn’t get cuter.



What I didn’t know, is that it would take 25 billion bags of candy corn, which when purchased right before Halloween cost $8/ bag. What I didn’t know is the $28 Etsy hat (don’t forget to add an additional $12 for overnight shipping) would be too large for my newborn’s head – It would repeatedly fall off, and feel itchy on her new skin. What I didn’t know is that the little orange wrap I got for my baby was even more itchy than the hat itself, and she refused to be anywhere near it. What I didn’t know is that candy corn is cold on new skin. What I didn’t know is that I shouldn’t have spent my entire hour with the professional photographer trying to achieve this look. It wasn’t worth it. But it does provide for laughs, once time has been removed from the frustration.