Let’s start this post with utmost accuracy. What you are about to read is a true and honest story, from the life of #firstworldproblems.

A few weeks ago, I noticed the floor under our washing machine was a little damp. Because I was in the middle of swapping my 3rd load of laundry that morning, had two fighting children behind me and a baby that was ready to eat breakfast, I ignored the wetness and went about my day. Later that day, I noticed the area was even more damp. I took time to text my husband about it, but otherwise kept right on plugging through the laundry.

As a family of five, I use our washing machine more than I use my shower (sadly). When ignoring the problem didn’t work and we had to pull back the carpet to assess just how wet the area actually was, we called the service repair hotline. They said it would be a week before someone could come out and look at it. 7 days. Without a washing machine. 7 days without a stove? Great, I have an excuse to not cook. 7 days without a shower? Been there… I’ve had 3 newborns in my life. 7 days without water to drink? That’s why God invented coffee! But 7 days without a washing machine?? HELP. ME. JESUS.

I still have 24 hours before the repairman will grace my house with his presence. I am swimming in smelly socks and damp swimming suits. I am anxious to relieve the laundry baskets, filled to the brim with our laundry that is screaming to be cleaned. May the next 24 hours be filled with speed, no sweat and my 4 year old forgetting she likes to change outfits 9 times a day!