I’m the first to admit that most days I’m hanging by a thread. I’m one toddler tantrum or big kid ultimatum away from LOSING MY EVER LOVING MIND. I practice mindful breathing to avoid strangling someone nearby and put myself in mommy timeouts (with or without wine, depending on the severity) to avoid doing irreversible damage to my children’s ears.

It is a RARE moment when I feel invincible as a mom, but when that feeling creeps up, you better bet I’ll be letting someone know. Today, I’m letting the universe know… I’m screaming from the top of my proverbial mountain that I AM A SUPERMOM. Hear it loud and hear it proud, because it only takes seconds for this feeling to dissipate.

What makes me supermom you ask?? Let me explain:

I made it through an entire week. That’s it. I simply survived the week and all of my children are alive to tell about it. My husband spent the week in another state for work. My kids, all battling yucky colds, managed to get to *almost* all of their school days and classes. I didn’t yell once… Raising my voice was necessary at some points, but NO yelling (mostly because this was my goal and I repeated the manta under my breath 100 times a day, “I will not yell. I will not yell. I will not yell.“). I fed my children, bathed my children, got them to school, hosted play dates, helped build a gingerbread tent at a 7-year old’s boy scout meeting (with younger sisters in tow), brought treats for ECFE class, attended a mom’s group at my church – I even showered that morning! I wrote a letter to a friend AND mailed it. I wrapped Christmas presents, because without me to wrap them, the magic Christmas fairy wouldn’t come and our family wouldn’t celebrate the holiday. I took three kids to their swim lessons and came back home with each of them. I read three bed time stories to three kids EACH night before tucking them into bed, and if I’m remembering correctly, can vouch for about 90% toothbrushing success this week. I took care of the dog, I watered the Christmas tree, I even dusted and vacuumed. Oh, and by the way, I have PNEUMONIASomeone really needs to tell my body that mama ain’t got no time for pneumonia! But ultimately, we all survived. We survived!!

What’s that you say? These are minimal requirements to accomplish as a mom and {go ahead and say it}, MY JOB as a mom?? Yep, you’re right. But it’s okay to be proud. I’ve learned to celebrate the small successes…. No one else is going to and gosh darn it, sometimes a girl needs to be celebrated.

Go ahead, say it with me: I AM SUPERMOM!!!

. . .

Damn. A tiny human has escaped from their sheets and is wandering around the house. So close. I knew this supermom status was too good to stick. I’ve also lost my patience with my manta of I will not yell…. Mama’s gonna yell.

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