Family Fun Days are like a holiday around here, and we try to schedule them about once every other month. I won’t lie, when the day actually rolls around, it is typically referred to as FORCED Family Fun Day. What seems like a fun, simple outing can often be complicated by the personalities in the vehicle and the moods of the moments. It is safe to say that we haven’t been on a single Family Fun Day without tears from someone (adults included!). 

See some of our favorite Family Fun Days below.


We love seasonal visits to places that are unique enough to only be open during specific times of year. We recently stumbled upon what is quite possibly the most intelligent business choice ever. We have a local apple orchard who doubles as a winery, and the results are fabulous. Both are well known establishments in their own rights, but last year was the first time we realized that the separate entities are one and the same. This place is truly a one-stop-shop for family fun: Apple picking, wine drinking, food carts, live music, animal petting, hay bale climbing, horses, gift shop, bakery items, crafts, and more. Seriously. Amazing. Minnesota locals, if you’re in the area check out Deardorff Apple Orchard and Parley Lake Winery.


Here in Minnesota, we loooooooooove hockey. Pond hockey, ice hockey, street hockey, all hockey. If you’re born in Minnesota, it’s in your blood. If you transplant to Minnesota, you’re introduced to it quickly. You don’t have to understand hockey to enjoy a game however. Wherever you are, and whatever your team, sporting events are a great way to spend time as a family. 

It doesn’t have to be a professional team either. Many cities have minor league or junior players available to watch, or you can even check out your local high school schedule for an introduction to a new sport. 


Outings don’t have to be grand and planned. Sometimes, our favorite days have spontaneously come together on a whim and are located within minutes of our house. Here in Minnesota, we are placed with 10,000 lakes and endless trails and state parks. One of our favorite last minute day trips has been to Minnehaha Falls, where we enjoyed a family bike ride, the best lunch at Sea Salt Eatery, and ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s.

Local waterways, trails and bike baths are wonderful places for families to make memories with one another. What do these places all have in common? Nature. Outside. Fresh air. 


Every zip code has their boutiques and unique shopping opportunities. Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is one of our favorites, a place where everyone call fall something to fall in love with at each visit. Another family favorite for a quick trip out is the Wild Rumpus Bookstore. Where else can you find an amazing book selection AND peruse the racks while petting cats and chickens. The Wild Rumpus, located in Minneapolis, is known for pulling in fabulous authors, hosting insane trolley pajama parties, and of course – their many animal friends that run free range amongst the shelves. 

What do you have in your area that is unique? What fun stores would make me jealous and schedule a road trip? Comment below so we can add it to our always-growing bucket list!


Children’s Theaters, movie theaters, circus acts… You can even attend holiday shows such as The Nutcracker. We have had season tickets to Stages Theater Company since becoming parents and have truly loved the experience it has given our children. They are mesmerized by the shows themselves, and it has shown them that KIDS can do it all!  Whether you get tickets to a professional company, a high school act, or a public performance, there are options for every budget and age.


Museums, parks, lakes, splash pads, ice cream shops, arboretums, libraries, art centers. There is SO much to do as a family. Find what interests your team and GET SOMETHING ON THE CALENDAR

What do you do for family fun days? Are they spontaneous or pre-planned? Let me know in the comment section below!

Picture Credits: Mojitos & Munchkins, Pixabay