If you’re in the midwest like we are, you know that winter is wearing out its’ welcome this year. Winter is creeping into spring with cold weather, snowy forecasts and sleet far overstaying its’ welcome. There is something unsightly about the weather being so grey and cold, which makes us long for warmer climate and brighter colors. Thankfully warm household items can give the illusion of summer months even when they feel far out of reach.

You may not be able to predict the weather, but you can make some changes to your house and garden. By the time the weather does warm up, your house will be oozing sunshine and begging for bright and shiny. We have thought of some of the most colorful ways to give your house a summer hose-down this year.


Giving your lawn and garden a little color can remind you that summer is on the horizon. Considering a lot of flowers bloom between June and October, you could start browsing your local gardening stores for decorative pots and plants. Adding them as inside decor for now, and being ready to transplant them as soon as the weather allows. Also, be ready to dust off the cobwebs of the outdoor pool if you’re lucky to have one. Visit Sparklean Pools to learn more about vinyl liner pool repair, so that you can get your in-ground pool ready for guests. It also gives you a chance to repair any broken tiles and get the outside looking beautiful.


There is nothing better than seeing your favorites framed in your wall. Walk down memory lane by scrolling through holiday and vacation photos to select a few to print and frame. Adding quirky frames can create a gallery wall that will be a conversational piece for everyone who visits your home. The great thing about picture frames is that they can be swapped for different photos as children age and seasons change.


The kitchen, living room and bedrooms need a pop of color to get you in the mood for the sunshine. Homewares like these in citrus colors can make your home feel warmer, and get your mood uplifted in no time. Having a summer homewares set, as well as a winter homewares set, can really jazz up your home without too much money being spent.


Flowers with the stems cut short allow you to focus on the colorful bloom and are the perfect addition to every room. Round fish bowl vases are the best option for this kind of decor and a great value. Another option to bring nature inside is to add tall greenery to each room. The air quality will then improve and make your home feel natural and fresh.


Go a little Boho in the house and add these beautiful summery rugs. They can give your house a beach feel or simply a pop of color, depending on your taste. If you have the space in your house, or a four-season porch, add a hammock near the window with the most sunshine. On those cold winter nights you can pretend you’re lounging on the beach, even if it takes a burning fireplace nearby to create the feeling.

Your home needs a summertime upgrade. Get in the mood – even if it’s snowing outside! A great thing about living in a climate with seasons and weather changes is that you grow to appreciate each changing season and the many benefits that come from each. There are reasons to enjoy each of them!

All this talk of summer has me Screaming for Summer! Bring on the warm sunny days and the lazy evenings of fun!
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Photo Credit: Pexels, Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash, Pexels