When you’re a mom you will know that there is only one more thing that kids love than playing, and that is simply playing outside. In the summer, for the kids to be outside at the water table, playing soccer, or making mud pies, it can be so much fun and hours and hours of entertainment. But there can be some hazards outside in the yard that can make kids playing a little tricky or even dangerous.

So here are some simple ideas that you can do to make sure that you have an outside space that looks good, but also means you have a safe place for your kids to be. It would be great to hear what you think and if you’ve got anything planned over summer!



Just having a lawn can be great for kids to play on. But what can be even better is if there is something interactive for them to play with. Inside the house there may be chalkboard wall or a creative space with an easel. But you can totally take that outdoors too. There may be a part of the fence that you could paint in chalkboard paint, or use metal storage tubs for magnets. You could always use the sidewalk or driveway with chalks too, as long as it is safe to do so.



If the problem is that you struggle to get the kids outdoors in the first place, then get them growing! Get planting flowers, shrubs, and seeds for fruits and veggies that they can check on over the summer. You could create a vegetable patch or simply get a planter each for them to take care of. It can be a fun way to get them outside, as well as educating them on how things grow.


Zone the Space

Whether you have a large space or a small one, you are unlikely to want to have the whole space being overtaken by kids and kids toys. So zoning off your yard can be a good idea. Then it kind of dictates where the kids are and where their things belong. You could work with a landscaping company like ProActive Landscaping to get the look that you want or simply design it yourself. Use things like planters, tiles, or shrubs to divide up the areas. You could even use things like a shed or outhouse to hide away the kids paddling pool.


Tough Shrubs

The plants and shrubs that you have in your yard are going to need to be tough. With soccer balls being kicked at them or them being used for hide and seek, the ones you choose need to be pretty robust. Ferns and perennials like lavender can be good as they have strong roots, as well as things like fuchsias that can withstand a battering but still look good in your garden. If you want something more delicate, then using them in planters can be a good idea as they can be moved when you need them to be.

What ways do you keep your children entertained in your backyard?

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