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To sum it up in the form of a picture:


If this doesn’t describe my every waking thought during our summer 2013 vacation, nothing would!  My adorably deceptive 4-year old had me gritting my teeth, rolling my eyes, mumbling under my breath like a crazy person, and ready to commit myself to an asylum….. And that was before we even boarded the plane to fly out East!!

In reflecting upon our vacation, I may have gone into our week with unrealistic expectations.  For example, when my husband and I decided that we would join the fun of a family destination wedding in Virginia, certain words inevitably came to our minds:  Rest.  Relaxation.  Togetherness.

Let me break it down for you, real style….

Rest = Rest only occurred during the nighttime hours when we slept…. And that was only after our “pillow talk” revolved around the many disasters of the day.

Relaxation = As if.  Seriously, AS IF.  Who on earth thought relaxation would be possible with a 1 and 4 year old???  What is WRONG with us??  We obviously set ourselves up for failure with this one….

Togetherness = If “togetherness” could be defined as our small family of 4 hiding in our bedroom administering multiple time-outs while the rest of the vacationers enjoyed life in the the other quadrants of our mansion, then we totally nailed this one!

Moral of this story = A staycation goes a long way in the early years of parenting.