Naomi Pelss is a wife and mother of four children, ages 12, 10, 7 and 1.  Her youngest blessing came when she was 41 years old.  Naomi is the manager of a child care center, and has been a registered Early Childhood Educator for almost twenty years.  She blogs about her parenting journey at  Some of her posts are informative, some are sentimental, and some of her posts are funny.  All of her posts are honest and real.

Meet Naomi

Since crossing paths with MoreWithFour, I myself have been a faithful follower. She is a blogger that I look up to, and a mama that I have come to trust a respect. From offering bath time tips for little ones to planning a travel-free spring break, this mom loves to help others simply their lives. By sharing her experiences, she is able to do just that.  I am SO excited to share her, and her journey, with my readers. In addition to reading her work on her blog, you can also find her as a contributor at the following sites:, and

Before you head over to her wonderful websitetake a few minutes to get to know more about Naomi!

Who do you see as your ideal audience?

Mothers who need to hear that none of us are perfect.  Mothers and fathers who can relate to my posts about raising tiny humans.

What are 3 things you can’t live without on a weekly basis?

Hugs from my family, my phone, and chocolate.

What are you passionate about?

Connecting with parents…helping to share stories of parenting and for others to find something relatable in my posts.

Tell us where you are with your blog right now: Just a hobby? Part time gig? Full time money-making-machine? What are your longterm website goals in one sentence?

Just a hobby right now. My goal is to publish a book.

Naomi… With THE FOUR

Stephanie even agreed to play along with one of our “Spotlight Series games” that we will be playing with all of our featured guests. Check it out below!

  1. Laundry….. mountain
  2. Saturday mornings….. come early!
  3. I like to drink…. whiskey
  4. Music… wiggles
  5. Love… family
  6. Hate…haters
  7. The perfect season is… fall!
  8. Food…. yes, please
  9. Exercise is… yuck
  10. Duck, Duck… goose

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