This week, our spotlight shines on Midlife Margaritas. The woman behind the blog is Missy Farrow and she focuses on midlife, parenting, and cocktails with a side of humor! She is ridiculously funny and is a blogger I look forward to interacting with on social media daily. Missy swears a little, laughs a lot, and is in constant contact with her computer. Oh, and she is currently writing a book. How cool is that? Missy calls North Carolina home and loves all of the “material” that comes her way simply by living this crazy thing called life. With a hubby and two children (college and high school age), there are always {humorous} stories available!

Meet Midlife Margaritas

Before you head over to her beautiful website, take a few minutes to get to know more about Missy!

Who do you see as your ideal audience?

My Audience are mostly women (but some guys too!) ages 21-70. They are both working and stay-at-home strong women with a brain and lots of opinions and a good attitude.

What are 3 things you can’t live without on a weekly basis?

Oh that is so easy. My phone, Coffee and my handbag of the season.

What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about making people smile, laugh and feel better than they did the day before. Very passionate about writing and blogging.

What are your longterm website goals in one sentence?

My blog right now is a full-time hobby. Currently working on collaborating with a few other bloggers out there. My long term blogging goals are to write a series of humorous midlife crisis books and to work with other humor bloggers to keep people laughing.

Missy even agreed to play along with one of our “Spotlight Series games” that we will be playing with all of our featured guests. Check it out below!

  1. Laundry….. Nope.
  2. Saturday mornings….. Sleep
  3. I like to drink…. Margaritas
  4. Music… 80’s
  5. Love… Life
  6. Hate… Bad People (I know it’s 2 words, sorry)
  7. The perfect season is… Summer
  8. Food…. Fried
  9. Exercise is… Exhausting
  10. Duck, Duck… Limes

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