The last time I went to the eye doctor, I tried on a pair of glasses that were $675. That did NOT include the prescription frames I would need to make them worthwhile. Holy bananas! For something that is as vitally important as helping you SEE, but quite possibly one of the easiest thing to break and or lose, I just can’t rationalize spending that type of cash on glasses. That said, I want my eye ware to look stylish and feel comfortable. Thanks to my recent discovery of, I found a way to maximize on all of my wants. Now that I have teamed up with them, I am able to offer my Mojitos & Munchkins readers a 50% discount so you can get all of your wants too. Scroll to the bottom for this exclusive  discount code. 


These comfortable glasses frames are flexible and comfort-filled all around. From the ears to the nose, to the placement on my face, I loved them! The frames are light and durable, and the lenses are of high quality. They offer single, progressive or bifocal lens options, and walk you through the steps of measuring so that you get the perfect fit of comfort. 

To coordinate with stylish, also includes scratch-resistant coating for FREE with all lenses. That means you get everything below for the price of your glasses:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Basic Anti-Glare
  • Smudge Proof
  • Easy to Clean


I truly cannot say enough about the vast selection offered. From vintage to cat eye, premium to aviator, the styles are there and ready to be chosen. To make sure that you get a frame that fits your face and personality, there is an online “try on” feature that allows you to upload a photo and select glasses to try on. is not just limited to traditional glasses, but also includes prescription sunglasses.


After seeing the quality and quantity offered, I was honestly shocked at the prices. In addition to decently priced options from the start, there are constant deals and sales on eye ware. For affordable eyeglasses that will look stylish and won’t cost you the same price as your first automobile, I strongly recommend 

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Kids eyeglasses can also be found at In a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, your little one is guaranteed to find great choices to meet their eye ware needs. I know mine have! As a parent, I no longer need to stress about my 5-year old walking around with a $500 price tag on her face every time she steps on the soccer field or decides to roll down a grassy hill. 


If you would like to try for yourself, use this exclusive deal for my readers. Type in code GSHOT50 to save 50% on your eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. 

Photo credits: Mojitos & Munchkins