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Woo hoo! I’m so excited to team up with Real Kids Shades for the very first Munchkins & Mojitos Givewaway!! What does Real Kids Shades offer, you ask?? High quality sunglasses for your little munchkins!
YOU CHOOSE Any size, any type, any color, and RKS will ship them anywhere in the US for absolutely FREE!

All you have to do is sign-up for the giveaway!! See details below for entry…
The winner will be notified no later than Friday, November 4, 2016.

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If you’re like me, kids’ sunglasses have always been more of an accessory. I grab them off the end cap at Target on my way to the get milk, I pick them based on the Disney character that adorns their sides, and I am constantly buying replacements because they break and bend so easily.

I was recently given an opportunity to check out Real Kids Shades and I can’t say enough about the quality. Seriously, the quality is outstanding. Even my rambunctious one-year old, who tries her darnedest to destroy everything in sight, has yet to break these sunglasses! And trust me, she HAS tried. She has chewed on the sides, bent them alllllllllllll the way back, and thrown them on the ground when I wouldn’t give her a second bag of coveted fruit snacks. Through it all, her shades have endured the challenges and came out looking as good as when we first got them.

Check out my full review for more information.

My one-year old asks for her “sunnies” every time we get into the car. EVERY. TIME. Unlike her putzy Elsa ones from a clearance rack, she can open them up and put them on all by herself. She even puts them “on top head like Mommy” when she doesn’t need them to keep the sun out.


Meet my three sets of precious eye balls… Each excited about protecting their eyes and looking cool.
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Thanks to Real Kids Shades for giving my Munchkins & Mojitos readers a great opportunity!



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