When we think about our childhood, many of us can single out birthday parties as the happiest occasions. Memories of our friends playing with us, running around, enjoy activities and our favorite food stay with us for life. You want your children to have memories like that and you want to organize the best birthday party for them. Organizing a kids’ birthday party means a lot of work and planning, so here are some tricks that can help you keep it stress – free.

Number of guests

Kids parties mean you will likely host both kids and adults. You want your kid to have a party they will remember so consult with them directly on who they want to have at their party. That way there will be good friends and kids that get along well and that will help keep things safe and fun. Kids will probably come with their parents so calculate them in as well. Decide which relatives and friends you want to invite. Try to bring together people with similar interests so everyone will have good time. Remember to send invitations on time so everyone can respond in time for you to know how many people you will host.

Party theme

Ask your child which theme he/she prefers for the birthday party. Pirates, princesses, superheroes…there are lot of different themes to choose from. Once you decide on the theme prepare decorations according to it. You can buy decorations or you can make some. If you decide to make them, let your child help you with it. It will be fun and it will give your child a sense that he/she is contributing to preparations. Now days you can find plastic plates and cups with themes printed on them so you can choose just the perfect ones for your party. On a plus side, when party is over, just collect them and toss them in trash. That will help you save time and energy.


Preparing food can be the biggest work you will have to do for a party. You will need to decide which food you will serve and prepare it in advance. Finger food is good choice but make sure it’s a food kids will like. Birthday cake has to be either made or ordered in advance and ready for party. Maybe the best thing you can do is rely on help of professionals that organize catering in Sydney and leave all the hard work to them. They have wide range of different food specially made for kids’ parties and can even provide equipment for your event such as trestle table, tablecloths, or crockery and cutlery. You can just enjoy spending time with kids, friends and family.


Preparing games for children is very important. You don’t want dozens of children running around wildly without any order. You can ask your child what games his friends like the most and make room for those games. It is good idea to have selection of board games according to your child’s age. You can ask other parents to help you prepare fun contests and make small prizes for the winners. If you involve children in activities they find interesting they will be amused for a long time and will have much fun.

Organizing kids’ birthday party doesn’t have to involve much stress. You want your child to make wonderful memories but don’t forget yourself. Your kid’s birthday parties will be some of your happiest memories as well. You will always keep picture in your heart of your wide smiling child with happiness in his/her eyes. Make sure you enjoy the party as much as your kid.

One of our munchkins celebrated a rainbow themed birthday party. It was the perfect mix of princess and sass for her big day of turning ONE!
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