Today, I read a book. TWO chapters of a book, to be exact. And I didn’t put the book down once, not even when my two year old was crying that her sister took a toy OR when my four year old started screaming at her sister that she was going to “Tell mommy on you.”

While I would be lying if I tried to say I was actively watching or paying attention to what they were doing, from what I gather, my two daughtersย had an elaborate set up that crossed differentย environments, and they used their imaginations to role play a typical day of “life.”

What’s that you say?? IMAGINATIONS and ROLE PLAY??? Well, that certainly doesn’t sound like a child of the 21st century. What about their screens, you ask? What about their snacks, you ask? Who knew, if given the opportunity to JUST PLAY WITHOUT ADULT INTERVENTION, kids of 2017 could act like children of the ’80’s. Hallelujah!

This happy realization made me take note that my kids are at an age where they don’t NEED me to monitor them every moment of every day. For 7 years now, I have been in the trenches of having an infant nearby that NEEDED me. It feels odd. It feels freeing. It feels like I’m doing something wrong. All that said, it feels as it should feel and I’m happy to learn how to read again. Wish me luck as I set a goal of finishing a book in under 2 years ๐Ÿ˜‰