What do fun paper designs + unique airplane folding instructions + a 7-year old boy have in common??
If you guessed that all point to a REALLY FUN night of FAMILY EXCITEMENT and building the COOLEST PAPER AIRPLANES YOU’LL EVER SEE, then you are absolutely correct!

We recently received Pad of Planes from Yelling Yak and cannot say enough GOOD about it.

From initially opening the pad of papers, it was obvious to see that the designs were BRIGHT and COLORFUL and would be exciting for a kid of any age. Upon further examination, I was overly joyed {as a parent} to find that the papers were also STURDY and LONG LASTING. Nothing is worse than watching your kid get excited about a new toy, only to have that toy break within days. I am happy to say that we’ve been flying the Pad of Planes airplanes for a week now and they have held up great. This is all despite three young children under the age of 7 trying in vain to catapult them into the opposing wall.


When my hubby and son sat down to the make the first airplane, I honestly couldn’t tell who was more excited – Father or son. Thankfully, they both got in on the action and in the end, it seemed mutually fun for both. The directions were were laid out and easy to follow. You can choose between watching an online tutorial from the Yelling Yak website or follow the directions printed directly on the pad of paper itself, with helping lines printed directly on the papers themselves. The included directions show you how to make three new (and fun) designs: The Buzzer Plane, the Spear Plane, and the Sailor Plane.

The finished product…

The overall finished product includes 48 paper airplanes, using 12 unique paper designs. For us, each and every *finished* paper airplane seemed to be a masterpiece, better than the one before. As you can see from the smile on his face, my son was on cloud 9.

Ready to take flight…

Who knew that you could use the phrase ” good quality” when talking about paper airplanes?? Now, you can!

Are they made of steel? Of course not.
Will they withstand a rainstorm or years of use? I would assume no.
Will you feel good about the use that you get out of them? Most definitely. 

Not only is this a quality product, but the worker bees behind the product will literally make your heart get mushy. Seriously, read on…. These are the faces behind Yelling Yak.

What could be better than a great product and company? 

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