The gorgeous weather in the sunshine state makes it a good place to roll around on bikes, long boards and roller skates. You will often see people cruising around on ocean front pathways around the clock. Scooters have started to become increasingly popular. In recent years, I have even seen kids riding the three wheelers around with their parents in tow. I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock to have missed this, but these kids riding three wheel scooters must have grown up quickly. I now see many teens and pre-teens riding pro scooters.

What is a Pro Scooter?

What is a pro scooter? Well, it is a scooter like the old school razor scooters from the early 2000’s, only beefed up with enhanced features. There are extrusions, as well as serious welds that make these pro scooters capable of dropping off of ridiculously high ledges and ramps. Another thing that makes these pro scooters so cool is that they are fully customizable. Kids trick their scooters out like they would a bike. You can change the handle bars or wheels, and even dip their parts in paint. Scootering in Florida, it’s a thing!

Like most Floridians, I am sure most people didn’t know that the International Scooter Association event exists right here in Florida! Even less known is the fact that they had a qualifier for the World Championships, which is held in Barcelona.

See a Pro Scooter in Motion

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Scooter in Florida

Upon more investigating there turns out to be a professional scooter rider by the name Jared Adelson, who moved to Florida for his college years. He is known for jumping down death defying gaps and attempting tricks many other pro riders wouldn’t dare dream of. The sport of professional scooter riding is amazing to watch. It is also welcoming for younger kids to participate in. For parents, scooter riding is attractive because it allows their kids to be a part of something. It is a wonderful creative outlet, and an avenue to make friends. Also, unlike skateboarding and other alternative sports, the scootering community seems a little less hardcore. Many of the competitions and contests are full of families cheering on their favorite pro scooter riders. It doesn’t get better than family fun involving scooters.

In summary, pro scooter riding is a real thing in Florida. Although there aren’t a ton of shops that specialize in these scooters, I did find one in Orlando called Redi to Pedi. Look them up if you want to get your younger children involved in this rapidly growing sport.

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This post was done in collaboration with Pro Scooters.
Photo Credit: Pro Scooter Smart