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After seeing STEM at Play kits pop up during my Amazon browsing a time or two, I was absolutely delighted to get my hands on two of their kits.

Splash! Water Science Lab Kit is just as you would imagine for children…. A wacky watery wonderland of WOW and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Seriously, the kit itself is way better than my ability to use alliteration to describe it. In fact, it’s a blast. Oh, and you learn things too. So ultimately, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. STEM: Yum! was just as fun as the STEM: Splash!, only add in REAL taste testing! This definitely got the approval of my hard-to-please first born.

The lab guide {appropriately} starts off with a “Dear Future Scientist” letter, which captivated my son!

I won’t give away all of the experiments or learning points, but I can reveal that there are 23 different experiments. Truth be told: We’re STILL combing our way through!

What parents will love

First and foremost, ALL necessary supplies are included inside the box. I think you’ll all agree that there is nothing worse than opening a child’s birthday gift to see the disappointment on their face when you don’t have the right battery size to turn the darn thing on. No worries with this…. You provide the water and other common household supplies (think scissors, a bowl, a glass, paper) and the kit provides the rest.

The kits are WELL organized. Everything is easy to find, easy to use, and easy to clean so you’re ready for next time. I don’t know the backstory of how these kits were designed or processed, but it’s as if a group of OCD moms sat at a kitchen table and hand crafted the contents of the ziplock bags. Seriously. They are legitimately organized, which goes a long way in helping the mother of a young scientist stay organized.

GREAT Lab Guides! I love the layout of the booklet that came with each kit. There are letters to the scientist, a graphic showing what each is, a table of contents to easily locate the experiment(s) you wish to do, various learning breaks that help you understand what is happening, and more.

Affordability and quality!! These kits, with all their fun and all their educational benefit, won’t break the bank. Additionally, you are getting quality kits and experiments for your money. Namely, you aren’t paying $30 for a badly xeroxed school guide with cheap crap that breaks after one use.

Who can enjoy these kits  

Each kit varies slightly, but most are recommended for ages 8 and above. Due to the research aspect and the well defined reasoning as your scientist reads his/ her lab guide, I would agree with this recommendation. Younger kids could certainly do some of the experiments, without understanding all of the scientific jargon…. My sweet 4-year old played along and LOVED doing the experiments just like big brother. Could she explain atmospheric pressure or the water cycle? No. Did she have fun experimenting with how paper can hold water in a small container while tipped upside down? You bet’cha!

To quote my 7-year old, after experiment #1 in Splash {straight from the mouth of babes!!!}:

“It was sooooo fun! I got to wear goggles like a REAL scientist and it had a lot of cool facts that you can read about. Oh, and I got to tell my teacher about atmospheric pressure!!! But it was a little bit bad because I thought I would see a REAL tornado or, ya know, like a REAL explosion. But otherwise, I liked it.”

Is this Mojitos & Munchkins Approved?

Yes! Yes! And more YES! To further drive this point home, I will tell you that we purchased TWO of these as holiday gifts for nieces/ nephews. TWO. No freebies, no discounts, just ordered them with our hard earned cash from Amazon. I think that speaks volumes.

The only negative I can list about these kits is trying to find time to do ONLY these experiments without the responsibilities of life, activities, bedtimes, etc. Seriously, my munchkin constantly asks to do the experiments again (and again and again) and it’s sad to say no.

If you’re anxious to get your hands on one of these kits, check them out on Amazon or through ETA Hand2Mind. For those of you that are unfamiliar, ETA Hand2Hand is an amazing site that provides learning resources for grades PreK – 12. As a teacher momma, this site does NOT disappoint.

Now for the fun part: GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Who wants to win a STEM At Play kit of your choice?? If you are chosen, you will get to pick between Yum!, Splash!, Bubbles! or Boom! One winner will be randomly selected

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