In an effort to save my personal Facebook page from the creepers that have stumbled upon it through Mojitos & Munchkins, I have created a separate Facebook page to share my blogging world with those that are interested.  On a related note, to the kind soul based out of Japan who has offered to fund my trip to Asia to visit him and co-chair an Internet-based company with him, I appreciate your candid confidence in my writing abilities based on the 800 word post you read.  Unfortunately, I am formally denying your request, but wish you the best in your future!

What started out as a little “universe venting” to clear my head following the frustrating, funny, and fascinating (HA!) stories of my little life, I created Mojitos & Munchkins.  As I recall, this originated on a Saturday night with a Lemon Drop Martini in hand and my husband and I laughing over appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) blog names that would be suitable for my adventures.  Mojitos & Munchkins seemed like a great fit, as it sometimes takes a mojito (or three) to enjoy my munchkins 🙂

I enjoy blogging.  I sometimes enjoy blogging more than I enjoy my day job.  So much so, that I occasionally schedule “business meetings” for myself in a coffee shop.  With my business partner (laptop) and my beverage of choice (latte- Sadly, mojitos aren’t served at coffee shops) , we discuss agendas and research the industry (Pinterest) together.  Sure, I don’t get paid for this “job” of blogging, but that is how I usually feel about my day job (teaching) as well.  It’s all good!

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