You’re looking at… The newest member of the Iowa State Fair media team. Can I get a woot woot? Check back often for all of your up-to-date, by the moment, Iowa State Fair coverage.


I’ll be bouncing around the fair grounds during the day, tuning you into the best free shows, the daily happenings with the Blue Ribbon Kids’ Club, and who is doing what on the Bill Riley stage!

I’ll be writing from this tranquil spot at neighboring Sleepy Hollow. Okay, okay, OKAY. As is the case with many camp sites, Internet is meant for before and after you arrive so I won’t really be connecting here. But I WILL do my thinking here, in the quiet of the night while the rest of the tribe sleeps, and in the early morning hours while sitting outside with the flittering birds and chirping crickets. Ahhh. Life is good.


I can’t wait to share my Iowa State Fair camping experience with you from start to finish. To keep up on our daily adventures, follow our Instagram stories which will also be shared to Facebook.


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Photo Credit: April Walker