In a world where children are constantly losing their belongings, water bottles get left at soccer fields, and siblings fight over which lunchbox organizer is theirs, there needs to be some law and order. Well, that order has arrived and it has the name of Oliver’s Labels. On the surface, Oliver’s Labels is a cute online store providing labels, wall art, and more. Dig a little deeper and you will find that a toddler’s missing Nike running shoe was the inspiration behind an amazing company.


There are so many things we love about Oliver’s Labels. Let me count the ways!

  • Online ordering is a breeze
  • User friendly site
  • Quality and quantity in selections (seriously – 
  • Personalization
  • Found-It Feature (an online tracking system that brings your beloved items back home!)
  • Their newest toy – MyMoji


The newest option on their site is their MyMoji products, which ROCK by the way. Seriously, you will have just as much fun designing these little cuties as you will showing them off. In addition to choosing the font and wording, you can actually create personalized characters to look like you and your loved ones. I honestly might use MyMoji has my new headshot. No joke. The options are so seriously spot-on for each MyMoji. Each one has so much personality, just like their signature character they are modeled after. 


Everything. Paragraph over.

Oliver’s Labels can work on EVERY. THING. Water bottles, ballet shoes, cell phones, backpacks, coin purses, shirts, jerseys, lunch boxes, sippy cups, bottles, blankets, favorite toys, epi-pens, iPads, hats, keys, school supplies… What, is that not enough? The labels come big and small, circle and square. They are made for kids and adults. You can even order bag tags and photo labels. There are so many fun things about Oliver’s Labels that I could go on and on…. and on.

  • Does your child struggle with getting their shoes on the correct feet? Not any more with Match-Up Shoe Labels
  • Stick-eez Clothing Labels and Clothing Dots are peel and stick – No sewing!
  • Iron-on clothing labels permanently adhere for years of washing
  • Bonus offerings: Wall Art and Car Decals.
  • Fundraising Programs available


I know what you’re thinking. Labels are great and cute, but what do I do when my son leaves his brand new $100 basketball shoes at an all day basketball tournament? Simple. Oliver’s Labels has truly taken their products to the next level with their Found-It option. #icanteven with how GENIUS this is. For your most prized possessions, label with a found-it code and then rely on their free tracking system to connect you with the person who has found your items.

For more information on Oliver’s Labels, be sure to check them out on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google + 

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Photo Credit: April Walker