Babies cry when they are hungry, when they feel hot or when they want to sleep. Usually, when babies cry, the tendency of adults is to stand up, pick up the baby and rock it. Although this is good, you cannot do this all the time. What you need is to have something that you can put your baby in to rock it. The simple answer is an infant rocker. All the mamas reading this will likely rejoice in agreement! An infant rocker is a swing that can rock your baby to and fro, giving them the comfortable feeling of a parent’s embrace. 

Many may think that buying one will just be a waste of money and space, but you will eventually see that it is not. It will help you get your baby to sleep without hassle, just as it is good for both you and your baby. Parents have always found it necessary to have products for their babies that can be versatile when it comes to functionality. It’s a way to make a purchase cheaper and at the same time, more accessible. With so many baby products on the market, it is best to choose a few that are worth buying

As for any infant rocker, you should always make sure that you make the best choice when purchasing. Therefore, it is worth your while to inspect the rocker before every use by checking the following:

Ways to keep your baby safe in an infant rocker

There are many baby accessories that parents buy to give comfort to their babies (and to themselves). Some of these baby accessories are cribs, walkers, strollers and carriers. There is also what you call an infant rocker or an infant swing. As the name implies, it is a device that you can use to rock your baby.

What are the things that you must consider when buying one for your baby? Here are some suggestions.

Check for the swing’s sturdiness

Usually, an infant rocker with a wider base is sturdier. A wider base will lessen the chances for the swing to topple over. Also consider the center of gravity. The lower the center of gravity is, the sturdier it becomes.

Look at the safety straps

Is it made of strong materials? It must be strong enough to give ample protection for your baby. Make sure though that the material is not too hard so it will not be uncomfortable. When looking at the straps you must also find out if it will give your baby protection at different angles. The strap must secure the waist, the shoulders and the crotch area so that the baby will not slide down or fall on the side.

Examine the seat

It must allow for different reclining positions. It must be able to take an upright position, fully reclined position and several levels in between. Check also if it has removable seat covers. It is important that the covers can be easily removed so you can easily clean it.

Check if the headrest can be adjusted to different levels

It is important that you can adjust it so that as the baby grows taller you can still use the infant rocker.

If you are sure that you are going to bring the swing outdoors a lot, look for one that has a canopy to protect it from too much sunlight.

Check for added features like speed control and timer

The speed control will let you adjust how fast or how slow the swing will rock your baby while the timer will let you control the amount of time of swinging.

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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins