The need for social emotional help in children seems like a pretty obvious and common sense necessity. Simply turning on your nightly news or spending three minutes in a circle of parents will tell you that children growing up today are hurting. Many struggle with social emotional needs and the resources to help them seem limited. At best, they are extremely hard to acquire and scathed with red tape.

The Need for Social Emotional Help

Children need to learn words like Flexibility, Empathy, Focus and Responsibility. They all deserve to be taught about good manners, being responsible, managing their emotions, working as a team. They should be given opportunities to problem solve and know themselves and their inclinations. These aren’t just words to be talked about and lectured on however. These are words that need to be modeled, experienced, and lived. 

As a mother of three and a former elementary school teacher, I have seen firsthand the need for social emotional curriculums in school and extra assistance at home. Much has been written on the dangers of over scheduling. We know that life needs to slow down, parents need to chill out and kids need time to be bored. But how do we get there? Parents are so worried about what their kids might miss if they relax their schedule, that they don’t consider all they are sacrificing.

From singalongs to original content videos, killer dance parties and game based learning, Q Wunder will bring emotional stability and social maturity into your home. The site has received many awards and recognition and prides itself on advancing children’s levels of social emotional learning regardless of where they start. To get more information on the world’s first complete solution to social emotional needs, visit EQtainment.

Dear moms and dads, grandparents and guardians: Think about the children you are raising in your home. Do they struggle with social emotional needs? Do they lose their cool quickly and struggle with things such as sharing, turn taking, and calming their bodies down? What strategies do you use in your house that work? Comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Introducing Q Wunder For Social Emotional Help

Of course there is an app for that. There is an app for everything these days, but this is one I would actually recommend. I have been a paying customer of Q Wunder for 3 months and counting. In a day and time when kids crave screen time and find it easier to interact within the digital world, this is the perfect app to give them the theories they need to practice in a controlled setting. Before you scream BUT SCREENS ARE THE PROBLEM at me, let me explain myself. Q Wunder is an engaging and interactive app that allows children to practice things such as impulse control and problem solving in a safe and controlled way. Just as we learn theory in college courses before going out and applying those theories in a real life job setting, Q Wunder operates the same. Kids are given the tools to work on social emotional skills from the comfort of their couch. Then, they are able to refer back to the skills learned when real life situations present themselves.

In a recent article by Your Modern Family, the writer tells a tale of children being less patient and more lonely. Does that sound familiar? The post details four easy (and totally doable) ways to combat the issue today.

What We Love About Q Wunder

Although there are many things we love about Q Wunder, we are listing our top five below:

✔ Parents Corner: Q Wunder offers a parents corner which has a plethora of resources. From videos to articles, this section of the site easily pays for itself.

✔ Resources for teachers. Any company that makes life easier for teachers is a friend of mine. After teaching for a decade, I saw the need for SEL (Social Emotional Learning) increase ten-fold. A sample lesson plan bundle is available for free to see if the resources could work in your teaching environment and with your students.

✔ Engaging character. Q is the cutest monkey you’ll ever meet. His likability and curiosity will keep your kids engaged in the story line of each of the short episodes.

✔ Separate account info for each child. If you have multiple children, each will get their own profile. By logging in and out, it stores their progress and allows them to work on social emotional skills that they need to practice on.

✔ Personalized quizzes that lead to customized curriculum. Parents can take a quick 20-question quiz with their child that helps to recognize their feelings and what is causing them. Doing this together allows parents to see where their children are, but also guides the curriculum that Q Wunder selects for your child.

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