Cosmetic Dentistry

There was a time when a visit to the dentist filled pretty much every one, if not with terror, then certainly a certain amount of trepidation. One would either come away with an ugly grey colored filling, or horror of horrors, being told that you needed braces to straighten your teeth, making the child concerned feel doomed to suffer eternal teasing from his supposed friends at school.

Today, though, the situation has changed dramatically, with fillings so white you can’t even spot them and options for teeth straightening almost undetectable. Add to this the dental implant to provide a near perfect replacement for missing teeth and the shiny white smile we all long for is within everyone’s grasp, as dentistry has moved from simple repair into the cosmetic age. North Shore‌ ‌dentist Sailors Bay Dentistry offers a full range of cosmetic treatments, all at affordable prices.

Area Of Specialization

If you are considering any form of cosmetic dentistry, checking to see a practitioner’s areas of specialization is vitally important. The family dentist may refer certain cases to periodontists or orthodontist, while being perfectly capable of dealing with almost every other issue that comes their way. If you are seeking specialist cosmetic dental care, then it would probably be best so find a specialist cosmetic dentist, regardless of your relationship with your regular dentist, who in all honesty, might give you this same advice anyway.   


Learn About It

Before you even begin to think about where to go to get cosmetic dentistry for you or your family, the first priority should really be to understand what it is and the various options available in each sector. It is actually quite staggering, the amount of issues and problems from small chips, to stains in the minor department, to entire facial reconstruction which are possible. Now while covering a couple of gaps and a stain or two it would be reassuring to also know the depth of your potential dentists range of abilities and familiarity with such procedures.


Home Handyman

Not every treatment needs major surgery, and in many circumstances, a lot of people with pretty good teeth, are simply looking to get a little bit of extra white dazzle in their smile, which can be improved upon. A quick check up to ensure all is in order, should free you up to use approved whitening agents, which can have a good long term effect, whilst saving a significant amount of money.


It’s All In The Detail

At the end of the day, it comes down to the quality of fit and aesthetic of what you are looking for, and the level of options you are offered. A few in depth questions regarding the quality of ceramics would be advisable, as the level of experience and training of the artist behind the scenes who creates the porcelain destined for your work, is as important as that done by the dentist staring intently into your mouth.


Realistic Expectations

The discussion prior to any treatment agreed should be thoroughly comprehensive, with both parties, properly utilizing before and after photos, fully realistic of the likely outcome, and cost. You should be offered a range of options, with the various benefits to assist you in your decision.

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