Dads deserve the world, don’t they? Whether they are new to their daddy role or have been living in the trenches of the title for decades, dads deserve all of the goodness that come their way. My children recently personalized an I See Me book for their Super Dad and the result is one to be treasured! Because they couldn’t wait, they delivered their father’s day gift a bit early. 

If you aren’t yet familiar with I See Me books, you’re in for a treat! We have received them as baby gifts and big brother/ sister gifts from friends and family. They have also quickly become a favorite “go to” item for gifts that we get for others.

Personalized Father’s Day Gift

It doesn’t get much more personalized than featured images, names, character traits and physical features. That is exactly what you get with an I See Me book. The personalization process is simple to follow within the web-based platform and the result is enough to make you swoon.


What we Love About I See Me books

  • Personalization: After only a few quick entries, dad will think you spent countless hours crafting this perfect hardback in his honor.
  • Convenience:  For the person who relishes in accomplishing their many ” to do’s” from the comfort of their home, these products are for you.
  • Customer Service that cards: With convenient hours and limitless dedication, the I See Me team is ready to help.
  • Family fun:  What causes giggles, cuddling and everlasting memories? {Spoiler alert: This great book.}
  • Free shipping: For orders over $60.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
If you know of a baseball loving dad with a daughter, be sure to check out another one of our favorite books –  Baseball is Back: Dads, Daughters and Baseball.

Photo Credit: April Walker