Hey mamas, raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar….

Your toddler wants to wear headphones but none are the right size. The headsets are too big and the speakers are HUGE on their tiny heads. Because of the size disparity, the entire airplane can hear the Frozen soundtrack, but your child is too irritated that they keep sliding off that she JUST. CAN’T. HEAR. ANYTHING. Now your fellow passengers have screams and toddler rants on top of Elsa trying to Let It Go.

Well, get ready to have your MINDS BLOWN. I know mine was.

I have no idea how this product hasn’t been designed before now, or better yet, why I didn’t have the brains to pull it together. Regardless, CozyPhones has developed kid-friendly headphones that – wait for it  – don’t slip and slide all over your child’s head!! The moveable speakers are nestled inside of a form-fitting headband. In addition to functionality, there are TOO many cute designs to choose from! There are boy, girl and gender-neutral designs and they seriously are adorable. I dare you to choose just one favorite.

What I love:

✔ The form fitting headband stretches and relaxes to fit various head sizes. This same one can be worn by my 2, 5, and 7-year olds.

✔ Hidden moveable speakers allow a grown-up to move the speakers to the right spots for little ears, without little hands messing with them!

✔ Cute, cute, CUTE designs: From this adorable fox to green frogs, purple frogs to white pandas, monsters to gold-horned-unicorns, there is something for everyone!

✔ The accompanying cord is durable (think typical headphone cord covered in hard exterior) and long enough to provide flexibility and movement.

✔ The headphone jack plugs in to a large variety of devices – See the website for full details.

✔ A price point that makes Cozy Phones affordable, for gifts or for your family!

This might be our new family “go to” gift for tiny humans. It is user friendly, economical, as cute as they come, and most importantly – ridiculously functional. In a world where we are cluttered with so much stuff, why not get “stuff” that just plain works well.

Mojitos & Munchkins received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.