Mojitos & Munchkins is thrilled to partner with Scholastic to get one lucky winner a hardcover copy of the book Bunny’s Staycation. To enter, click here. {This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Taylor Adkins for winning!}

Calling all teachers, parents, librarians, daycare providers, and grandparents! Books are a great way to connect with children, steal away from the realities of life, and take a few minutes to be in an alternate universe. We all love books, but the opportunity to win free books is the best. Mojitos and Munchkins is thrilled to partner with Scholastic to have one lucky reader win a brand new hardcover book.


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Mojitos and Munchkins is partnering with Scholastic to give one lucky reader an opportunity to win the book Bunny’s Staycation (Mama’s Business Trip). Many of our readers can understand the joys – and challenges – of being a working mom. The little bunny in this story will help children everywhere understand how to turn mama’s business trip into a fun-filled staycation of his very own. Author Lori Richmond wrote a relatable and endearing story of a bunny that misses his mama but makes the most of his time with Papa. Together, they come up with great distractions and have the best adventure… right in their own home! This sweet book is fun, creative, and perfect for kids whose parents go on business trips. It is also perfect to read to the pets in your life. Our sweet bunny, Blue, thought it was quite the page turner!

Scholastic does more than offer wonderful books at affordable prices. They also have a library full of accompanying activities for their books. As a teacher, I have filled my classroom with hundreds of Scholastic deals and utilized their website for countless resources through the years.

Mojitos and Munchkins is thrilled to partner with Scholastic. Who is ready to win a free book? Head over to our Instagram page for all of the details! Sign-up is easy but you MUST be on Instagram.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on this great book, head to Amazon to order your copy of Bunny’s Staycation today.

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