Whether you find yourself deep in the swells of the school year or wandering through summer break, there is a STEM globe that your children will love and you’ll love them to use! This interactive globe encourages a passion for traveling, a learning of other cultures, and a curious mind using the excitement of augmented reality. The best news is that this is a globe that relishes in being shared, so there isn’t a reason to fight over it!

Augmented Reality Globe: STEAM Approved

As a mom of three and an elementary teacher, I see strong value in the Shifu Orboot Globe. The globe itself is intriguing with its’ borderless countries and the many animated pictures to elicit questions and stir curiosity. There are many learning aspects to be cherished, all within a context of interactive fun. Just last night, my three-year old was proudly telling a stranger that she “knows where Russia is on the globe!”

What we love about this globe:

  • The Orboot app is compatible with all devices (truly, ALL!): Kindle, iPad, and Android.
  • The included passport with stamp and country flags brings it to the next level!
  • Once downloaded, it all all the extras you could want right on your device. That means no buffering and waiting for the impatient.
  • More than one (or two, or three!) ways to play
TIP: When using your screen to find a country or match a picture, the recognition capabilities work great! If you aren’t able to make the match right away, try tilting your screen slightly to make the adjustment. We found that coming towards the globe from a higher perspective always seemed to do the trick.

6 Different Ways Interact with the Globe

Have you ever gotten to feed a koala? Well now you can say you have! Within the app, there are different categories that you can choose to learn about. Animals is one of our favorites as you get to choose what to feed the animal in the country you’re learning about. Be careful to use the knowledge you’ve been given and your troubleshooting to make sure the animal gets fed correctly! Other categories include monuments, cultures, maps, weather, and inventions.

Match, match, match

My three year old loves to play the matching game! The app will give a a picture of a monument to search for and clues to help find it (Example clues: It is near the ocean or It is in Asia.)  Simply by lining of the picture on her screen with the image on the globe makes her CORRECT! She is instantly proud of herself and the learning that is taking place is REAL and EXCITING.

What is Augmented Reality? AR is an interactive technology that combines a real-world environment with a computer-generated visual. How does Augmented Reality make learning fun? It helps children to stay engaged in what is being taught. In fact, they will be so enthralled in playing that they’ll never even know that learning is taking place. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell!

This Augmented Reality Globe for kids is truly a gift. One to be kept at home and one to be given to others. It is something that can be used with just one child, shared amongst a few, or even used within a classroom. Because everyone is making their own choices within their Orboot app, the self-paced learning leaves everyone happily independent!

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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins