Did you know that a whopping 50 percent of people are scared of the dentist? Dental care is one of many people’s biggest fears, and it’s an extremely serious issue because when you’re scared of something, you usually put off doing it, which when it comes to dental care, can lead to some serious dental issues. Putting off dental care is never a good idea, that is if you cherish your teeth and smile and want to keep both looking pearly white and perfectly placed.

The problem with dental fear is that a large number of parents pass this dental fear down to their children, and make them scared of the dentist too. Having a good relationship with your dentist from a young age is important, which is why as a parent, it’s your job to ensure that happens. Whether you suffer from dental fear or not, you don’t want your child suffering from it, do you?

The good news is that there are various steps that you can take to reduce the risk that your child will suffer from dental fear.


Take them to the dentist early

One of the best things that you can do to prevent your child suffering from dental fear, is take them to the dentist from a young age. Of course, before you take your child to see a dentist, it’s crucial that you research them to determine how child-friendly they are and whether they come recommended, such as rosedentalnashua.com/, for instance. The earlier you take your child to see the dentist, the less likely they are to suffer from dental fear.


Show them what to expect

To help make your child’s first dental checkup as free from stress and worry as possible, it’s essential that you show them what to expect. Often, the reason that a child fears something is because they don’t know what to expect, whereas if you show them what to expect, you can make the experience far less stressful for them. One way to do this could be to buy your child a dentist play kit and play dentists with them – you check their teeth and then you let them check yours. Or, another option could be to read them a book about visiting the dentist for the first time – there are some fantastic ones online that you can choose from.


Never use negative language about the dentist

Children learn from their parents, so if your child picks up from you that you’re nervous about taking a trip to the dentist, they will be nervous too. That’s why it’s so important that you are mindful about what you’re saying about the dentist when talking to your child and never use negative language about dental checkups in front or them or anywhere that they could potentially hear.

By taking note of the tips above, you can help to prevent dental fear in your little one and ensure that they have a positive relationship with their dentist, which is important for later life.