When it comes to decorating your kids’ room, there are endless ideas on Pinterest and countless recommendations on HGTV. The one item we’ve found that goes perfectly in a kids’ bedroom is a teepee. It is functional, it is fun, and it is fabulously loved!

Benefits of Having Teepee Joy in your Kids’ Room

Are all teepees created equal? NO. From Target to Walmart, Pottery Barn to garage sales, you can certainly find children’s teepees if you look for them. Some are big, some are small. Some are cheap, others are expensive. Some look great but can only fit one person, others are created to enjoy as a family. Teepee Joy is created to fit perfectly in your home and be enjoyed by the entire family.

What we love about Teepee Joy:

  • Fabric choices: My oh my! The sky is certainly the limit in this area! Each design is beautifully created and the color options are unique and customizable
  • Made in the USA: With premium quality in mind
  • Comfortable and roomy: Each teepee is made with a family in mind. Teepees are comfortable and super fun to hang out in!
  • Peek-hole windows: Because who doesn’t love peeking and spying out of a window?
  • Easy assembly: Seriously. Assembling this was magically easy!
  • Family owned and operated: We love that this shop was founded by a married couple in Skokie, IL (because we used to live next door to that zip code when we were first married!)

As it goes with most products, all things are not created equal. This was made clear as soon as we opened the packaging from Chicago based Teepee Joy. This family owned and operated business sews all of their creations and adds in extra love to be loved by your family. We have held game tournaments in our teepee, watched as everything from dolls to Paw Patrol was played with, and read book after book. The benefits of adding a teepee to your kids’ room are infinite because of the versatility of this quality product.

Teepee Joy has hundreds of color combinations and patterns to choose from. From pre-designed options to full customization including color, accompanying mat and matching pillows.

Do you know what we as parents love even more than a great item for our kids’ bedroom? We love when kids’ products come with easy-to-follow directions and can be easily assembled in mere minutes. Hallelujah! Setting up this teepee took the same amount of time as whipping up a PB &J. This mama sure appreciates that!

For more information on these high quality, made in the USA teepees, follow along at Teepee Joy | Facebook | Instagram

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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins