As you know, the road trip fever is slowly catching up with a majority of families. Children are excited to put down their books and go sightseeing finally. However, almost everyone experiences one slight problem, the overuse of car fuel during road trips. It can be a discouraging factor and more often than not, it leads to the cancellation of the road trip.

This does not have to be the case anymore, here are driving tips to save fuel, useful while on a road trip.

The type of vehicle you use

Almost all vehicle users are aware that the kind of vehicle you drive mostly affects the amount of fuel you use. To ensure that you save energy efficiently while on a road trip, choosing a more fuel-efficient vehicle is the first step. Then ensure that you tune up your vehicle correctly.

Tuning up your vehicle ensures that you clean dirty filters and refill or replace worn out tires. Dirty filters reduce fuel efficiency by almost 20 percent. Cleaning them allows you be more energy efficient while road tripping. Maintaining and tuning your vehicle assists in ensuring you save energy while on the road.

Monitor your Car’s fuel consumption rate

You may have the right vehicle, but without paying close attention to your car’s fuel consumption, you may end up spending more on fuel than you expect. Paying attention to your car’s fuel consumption rate allows you to know what speed uses the most fuel.

It also enables you to improve your driving style by learning how best to accelerate without having to use fuel at a high rate. It also helps you find the appropriate speed to be more energy efficient while road tripping.

Use suitable energy saving fuel like E10 Fuel

There are various types of car fuels available in the market. However, not all of them are entirely energy saving like the E10 Fuel. What exactly is E10 fuel? It is a biofuel made from a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% regular unleaded fuel. Hence its name.

This is how E10 works to help save energy. The fuel breaks down its ethanol properties while in use to enable your vehicle to preserve energy while on the road. Manufacturers of the fuel obtain the ethanol from fermentation leftover starch, over a period. The use of energy-saving fuel will help you in minimising your car’s fuel usage.

Do not over pack

It is always a tendency for almost everyone to overpack when it comes to road trips. Nevertheless, the more weight you put on your vehicle, the more it becomes less fuel-efficient. An extra load of close to 9 or 10 kilograms affects the amount of fuel your car will use.

To help you efficiently save on energy, first, pack lightly. Ensure you and your loved ones

only pack what is necessary for the road trip. Secondly, ensure you do not store the extra luggage you may have on the roof. Rooftop luggage affects your car’s fuel usage at 25%.

At all costs, keep luggage off the roof since placing luggage on your roof mostly affects your car’s aerodynamics. It also influences whether your vehicle with saves energy throughout the road trip.

Do not idle

Most people think that turning your car on and off is what makes your engine burn up plenty of fuel. This notion is not apparently true. In actual sense, idling while your vehicle is still on burns up fuel fast. According to research conducted, idling for a maximum of 15 minutes will burn up almost a quarter of your fuel gallon.

Using the above driving tips to save fuel will allow you to enjoy your road trip, and not worry about having extra expenses when it comes to fueling your car.

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Photo Credit: Pexels, Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash