Mojitos & Munchkin’s Cliff’s Notes Summary:
 offers REAL eyewear to REAL life munchkins at a REAListic price that parents will love.

Meet my three sets of precious eye balls… These are the children I’ve been charged to raise. I have vowed to do everything in my power to keep their mouths fed, their bodies healthy, their brains challenged, and their mental well-beings one of safety and happiness. What I’m learning as a parent, is that everything I put into their lives now will impact their futures remarkably. What better asset to protect than their eyesight?? I’m so thankful to have a company like Real Shades in my back pocket (literally, that is where they are sometimes stored while inside the library!!) here to assist me in protecting this most valuable asset.

The absolute BEST part of this product from a parent’s perspective: DURABILITY

These sunglasses have held up despite my children’s best attempts at destroying them. And trust me, they tried.  Between the three pairs, they’ve been run over by the stroller, left in our yard overnight, chewed on HARSHLY by a teething toddler, rolled around under dirty feel on the van floor, and fought over by two tiny humans (picture two children standing on either side of the glasses, each pulling on a respective side for the visual). They really do hold up well…. And we all know how damaging kids can be on products, am I right??

As parents, we are very careful to cover our children head to toe with sunscreen, but often forget how important it is to protect their eyes.  And seriously, let’s think about that for a second. Why on earth do we spend hundreds of dollars each summer lathering lotions on every nook and cranny of new skin, but if we are asked to pay more than $8.99 to protect our child’s eye sight, we balk and complain and “shop around.” Although I was originally questioning how superb one brand of sunglasses could be in comparison to another, my skepticism was immediately erased. Here is why:

According to the company, REAL KIDS SHADES…

  • has been protecting kids’ eyes from the damaging effects of UV radiation since 2002
  • manufactures their glasses with the best materials available
  • blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful rays
  • comes in 5 sizes to ensure proper fit and protection for ages 0-12
  • is the leader in sun protection for children’s eyes
  • continues to invest in product development and product design
  • offers 100% customer satisfaction. Full refunds within 30 days for any reason – No questions
  • is the winner of the iParent Media Award

According to Mojitos & Munchkins, REAL KIDS SHADES…

  • enhances the “so cute” characteristics my kids already possess
  • are affordable 
  • offers a user friendly, interactive website
  • offers free shipping within the USA on orders over $25
  • comes with a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied (what do I have to lose?)
  • now carries adult sunglasses so that my kids aren’t the only ones to get the good stuff (again)
  • offers a 10% discount during the month of October – Yippee! I LOVE discounts!
  • donates a portion of their products to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (A worthy cause near and dear to my heart)

The results you will get from using Real KidsShades is priceless. Not only will your kids look adorable, but they will be comfortable and confident in their new shades. And that isn’t even the best part. As a parent, you are doing your part to keep their eyes healthy and happy…. And not wasting your money on a product that quickly breaks!

According to RKS, their promise is simple: They offer affordable, premium quality, 100% UV protective sunglasses designed specifically for kids, and manufacture them using the most durable materials available so they will last.

Don’t forget, you can save 10% by ordering during the month of October AND with full refunds within 30 days, what do you have to lose?? Seriously, I love these glasses and know that my children will never again wear anything other than REAL SHADES!

In addition to my personal feelings regarding Real Kids Shades, I’m a faithful believer in all things Amazon. I support the products, the people, and I definitely take time to support the people who have written the reviews.
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