Mobile phones were first created as a means of communication. As the needs of the typical mobile phone user changed, so did the technology available. The most popular function that everyone loves to use is the camera. The resolution may not be comparable to professional DSLR camera, but it can deliver high-quality images if you know how to use it and its settings to your advantage.

Capturing Beautiful Moments with Your Camera Phone

1. Use the physical shutter button

Just like in DSLR cameras, the camera phone is prone to shakes. There are several ways on how to make your phone steady and one is by using your camera’s volume button as a shutter button. You need to hold your phone with both of your hands and when the right moment comes, press the volume button.

2. Get to know color blocking

Color blocking is an effective method to highlight your subject in a photo. This is being done by turning every detail in the photo, except your subject, black and white. There are applications available that offer this effect. You just have to find the best app that’s compatible with your phone.

3. Use gridlines to balance your shot

The quality of a good photo doesn’t only depend on the beauty of your subject. Balance is another important factor to consider. You can do this by enabling the gridlines of your phone’s camera and follow the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds works by placing your subject and the other elements in the background on the intersection of each gridline or along the lines.

4. Instead of zooming in trying to get closer to your subject

In DSLR cameras, zooming is a convenient way to get closer to your subject. But for the phone’s camera, zooming is a big no no! If you want to get a closer look at your subject, it’s best to walk closer to them.

5. Apply HDR mode automatically

High Dynamic Range mode is the one that maintains the balance between the lightest and darkest part of your image. If you’re new in mobile photography, this can be confusing. To avoid this confusion, you can simply enable the HDR mode and it’ll automatically adjust the setting whenever you shoot.

6. Take advantage of burst mode

For shooting fast and action-packed subjects, the worse thing can happen to you is missing a good shot. In mobile photography, you can avoid this by using burst mode. Burst mode allows you to take a series of images of your subject in one long hold of the shutter button. You can do this as many times as you want, then check on the gallery afterward to see the results.

7. Go towards the natural light

Light means everything to photography, so, you must learn to use it to your advantage. If you’re thinking about using flash for the low-lit environment then stop! The flash on phone cameras isn’t the same as in  DSLR cameras. If you use it, it will have a negative effect on the image quality. Instead of using flash, use the natural light. It can be the shine of the moon, traffic lights or car headlights. The key is finding the right position to take the photos.

Man Wearing Black Jacket Using camera phone to take Picture of Green Leaf Tree

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