As the calendar turned to 2017, I sat down and wrote out a few blogging goals for the new year. My blog started out as a hobby, an outlet that allowed me to write my feelings and stories out, and proved thearapeutic. I never saw it as anything more than that. Recently, I’ve taken some risks and put myself “out there” in the blogging world. That vulnerability has been well received and I have appreciated every second of it. I feel like I’m finding a niche that I’m passionate about, and thus far enjoying the journey.

As I wrote out my goals, some were simple and others were lofty. The goals that I assumed to be TOO lofty to ever reach fulfillment, I changed to “Blogging Bucket List” status. Ya know, in the same category as “Visit Greece” and “Buy property on the ocean.” Sure, these things would be great, but they will never ever really happen. That’s why they are on the bucket list.

At the top of my Blogging Bucket List items, was to be published on Scary Mommy. While I will assume many will understand this without explanation, a few may not. If you’ve been living under a rock, are a man, or have somehow avoided interaction with the world wide web, let me explain to you what Scary Mommy is. is the holy grail of Mommy blogs. It has a following of over two and a half million people on Facebook alone. It’s hilarious, honest, truthful, and relatable. It’s a place where moms go to seek refuge, learn, laugh, and connect. It’s a household name. If you can put the phrase, “her writing has been published on Scary Mommy,” it seems to have a different weight than, oh, say, “her writing has been published on Mojitos and Munchkins.” Though I hear that is a great site too. You should totally check it out! ????

Friends, when I got the email from the Content Editor at Scary Mommy saying I would be published on their site, my mind went blank! I texted those closest to me, I screamed the news to my husband, I even tried explaining what blogging was to three kids under 7 that looked up at me  with curious eyes, all the while wondering why they got so much crazy in their mom.

I cannot thank my readers enough. Being able to cross this bucket list item off is a testament to each of you. The Facebook likes, the Instagram follows, the website subscriptions… None of it goes unnoticed. Thank YOU for inspiring me write. Thank you for fueling my passion and making my bucket list items attainable.

Now get off my site and go check ME out on Scary Mommy.

{Say it again, say it again!!!} I’M ON SCARY MOMMY!!! {shriek}

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