I recently crossed paths with Bazzle Baby and lets just say my uterus immediately ached for another babe. Seriously. One look at all of the products that exist on the Bazzle Baby website and I yearned to have a reason to buy it. All of it. 

The brains behind the shop are 3 moms who wanted to offer fashionable yet functional gear and accessories. And bonus: Their products are machine washable and I can’t say enough about the high quality of material used. They were also the original designers of the first bandana bib over 10 years ago. Raise your hand if you survived your babies without a bandana bib of some sort? No? Because it JUST. ISN’T. POSSIBLE. From drool bibs to blankets, paci holders to burpers, these products are of high quality and made with beautiful designs.

BandoBib Drool Bibs

The BandoBib Infinity Scarves are my absolute favorites. Whether your little one is teething or just a plain ol’ drool monster {like my oldest was}, these things are straight up fabulous. Because the fabric stretches, they are sized for 0-3. I was hesitant about trying them on my 2 1/2-year-old, but it fit perfectly. After seeing how cute she looked in them, and how much she likes them, I have her wear them despite the fact that she doesn’t need them for drool sake. Another thing I love about these BandoBibs is that they provide warmth for our cold Minnesota days. I put one on my youngest while she was playing outside and – bam – instant warmth!


These pocket burpers are AH-mazing. As the mother of three kids who spit out just as much milk as went in, I cherish all of the times my shirts were saved while feeding before work. Additionally, these burpers are a step above the competition, as I’ve never in my life felt a thicker cloth. With fuzzy fleece backing, shirts are saved and babes have something soft to cuddle with. 

Banda Bibs

Oh, BandaBibs, how I love thee. The adjustable snap closure allows babies from birth to toddlers to reap the benefits. The super soft polyester fleece backing acts as a barrier to your baby’s sensitive skin, and the thick cotton pulls moisture away. Oh, and they are ADORABLE. And adorableness happens to go hand in hand with cute babies, so it’s a perfect match. 

The BandaBib was the original creation assigned by Bazzle Baby. It was designed 10 years ago in hopes of keeping a baby happy and clean. The goal was to have a bib that would fit close to the chin and absorb moisture and keep irritation away from sensitive skin. For a decade, it has been doing just that and has also allowed Bazzle Baby to expand their great creations beyond. 

Beautiful Prints

From foxes to stars, stripes to chevron, pinks to blues, oranges to grays, these prints are gorgeous. As soon as I think I’ve found my favorite, I click to the next image and see another I adore even more. Whether you are looking for gear for a baby boy or a baby girl, or opting for gender-neutral, there are more than enough choices to find what you’re looking for. 

For more information, or for ordering details, head over to the Bazzle Baby website.
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Mojitos & Munchkins received free products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.