As always, my Mojitos & Munchkins Mommy Review will be wrapped up in a time frame easy for busy moms. I will include the pros and cons of the product, give you specifics on what this product does, and let you go about your day. Spend the extra minutes you have giving your littles a hug… Or refilling your coffee!

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I was recently given an opportunity to partner with Apollo Box to review some of the amazing products they distribute. Not only was I excited to try out great product, but I was excited to find another website to add to my holiday shopping repertoire. ‘Tis the season!

Apollo Box is a thoughtfully curated platform that is designed to partner customers with creative and fun products. And there is NO SHORTAGE of creative or fun. I could have spent hours searching through the options, and did in fact, before flagging a few items for upcoming holiday gifts.

Why order from Apollo Box?


The first product that I chose to review is the Motion Activated Bedlight.  This is something that we have been searching for to place in our daughter’s bedroom, so were excited for this to arrive. The box arrived with everything packaged securely and with easy-to-follow instructions.


Who is the Motion Activated Bedlight For?

The motion activated bed light can be placed anywhere you would like additional lighting. Because of the easy to use adhesive strip, it can be positioned anywhere that has a clean, flat surface. You could use it under your bed, under cabinets, in a closet, or on the underside of a kitchen island, to name a few.


  • Easy to use directions
  • Sticky adhesive allows the band to be stuck anywhere
  • Can go from box to completely set-up in less than 10 minutes
  • The length of cord allows a lot of flexibility with placement
  • 3M adhesive doesn’t damage the area should you decide to remove the strip


  • If you put it within reach of curious tiny hands, they could (and in my case did), pull the strip off – No worries, it goes right back up!
  • You must be connected to an outlet, which limits some areas (i.e. a closet)

How Mojitos & Munchkins used the Motion Activated Bedlight

We placed the lights under our daughter’s loft. It was the perfect area as she often likes to crawl under the nook, but doesn’t have good lighting for reading/ drawing when she is underneath. Because it is a motion-activated light, she doesn’t have to mess with flashlights and as parents, we don’t have to worry about her touching a hot bulb or dangling cords from a desk lamp. BONUS: If she crawls down her loft stairs in the middle of the night for a potty break, the motion sensors go on… Keeping her safe without having to have a bright nightlight on throughout the night.

What Others Are Saying

According to Amazon, this product received 3.8 out of 5 stars. See below for some of the reasons/ comments:



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Would Mojitos & Munchkins buy it?


We would purchase this product for our home. It has been useful for our needs and we would recommend it for others searching for a motion-activated light.

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