Mom confession #843: When recipes call for a garlic clove, I typically toss in some garlic powder. I’m sure it’s the same, right?

Mom confession#844: I had NO IDEA that a product called The Garlic Press even existed, much less how to operate this crazy piece of equipment. What to the WHAT??

Now that we have embarrassing confessions out of the way, I feel like we’re old friends and can be frank with one another. I recently tried a product that has seemingly been on the market awhile. Not only was it extremely user friendly, but it made my recipe POP like I never knew possible!

For my experimental usage of The Elaine Garlic Press, I tested it out on one of my favorite recipes – Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli.

The Elaine garlic press was EXTREMELY easy to use. It has a solidly built structure, a sleek design, and handled those garlic cloves like a boss. Not only that, but it cleaned up easily and made me excited to cook!!

Ya’ll, if you’re in the market for a garlic press, I urge you to pick this one up!! It can be used as a crusher, mincer, presser, peeler and squeezer, AND it supports small businesses!

Check it out by clicking on the image below – Or better yet, check back with Mojitos & Munchkins in the upcoming days for your chance to win one of TEN garlic presses!!!