We all know that children are one of the best things in life. Nothing beats the joy of holding your little one, knowing that it’s yours and that there are many years for you to spend together. Parenting is the biggest challenge life can offer, but that’s why it’s the most rewarding one. As a mother, you are expected to be on top of your child’s needs and wants at all times. That’s why a mom burnout is a very common thing, especially if your children are young. Throughout this journey, self-care for moms is important too. You can’t do your best if you’re not feeling your best.

1. Meditate

There’s nothing that beats stress like a good meditation. All you have to do is find a quiet spot for a few minutes and let the Zen wash over you. This is easier said than done in a house which has a child in it, but thankfully meditation doesn’t have to take a long time.

You can meditate after you get up before your children are awake. This way you’ll great every day with a positive attitude and it will be easier to deal with the daily challenges of being a mother.

2. Share the load

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. If you’re married, you can devise a chore chart with your significant other. This way you won’t have to be on top of everything and will have some time to relax. You can always find help if you’re not in a relationship, too.

Everyone has a good friend that’s willing to help out, even if it means just dropping off the kids to school. What’s more, other moms probably have their hands full too, so you can join forces and do things for your kids together. This is also a good way of making friends.

3. Set time aside for yourself

It’s important to have a little piece of the day to yourself, too. Alone time is next to impossible to achieve when you’re a mother, but that’s why it’s time to get creative. Get up a half an hour earlier than you were supposed to and drink your morning coffee all by yourself, in peace.

You could also set around half an hour daily while the children are playing, doing homework, or napping to do something for yourself. It can be anything from taking a bath to watching an episode of your favorite show.

4. Afford a massage

To let go of the tension, you could go for a monthly massage. These things don’t have to be expensive at all, but they help contribute to your well-being. Don’t feel guilty about leaving your children for a few hours. After all, you’ve worked hard all week, you deserve this.

A massage will make you feel relaxed and refreshed, while completely rejuvenating your body. The whole experience is good for your mental and physical health.

5. Exercise

Nothing beats stress like working out. The problem here is that you can’t really find the time to do an adequate workout. So it’s time to get creative again. Simply, with the help of women’s bikes, you can get your daily dose of exercise while staying on track of your schedule.

If you have a lot to do, you can always ride a bike instead of taking your car. It’ll be healthier for you and for the environment. What’s more, cycling can be a great family bonding activity. Evenings are great for a family bike ride around the neighborhood which both you and your children will love.

6. Make sure to sleep enough

Sleep is a vital component of avoiding a burnout. If you’re rested, you’ll handle everything better. Make sure to sleep regularly and enough. Sleep should always be a priority. Yes, there’s a lot to be done around the house, but nothing will happen if you leave the dishes in the sink overnight.

A full eight hours can go a long way toward your happiness and well-being. That’s the most important thing. Another idea is to take naps with your child in the afternoons because cuddling is a great bonding activity. So not only will you catch up on rest, but you’ll also be close to your child.

As you can see, being a mom doesn’t have to take all the energy away from you. There are certain ways to stay healthy and happy while still not missing a beat of your child’s life. A stressed mom is one that doesn’t find as much joy in motherhood as she used to. If that stressed mom has a burnout, she becomes unhappy and tired, and both she and her children suffer. So take care of yourself in order to take care of your child because a happy mother equals a happy kid.

Think you’re alone in this whole momma thing? You’re not! There are things no one tells you about being a mom, but once you make status, you’re surrounded by a sisterhood.

Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins, Pexels, Unpslash