Fair food will always be a delight, and something that families show up for year after year. There are over 50 new foods to try out for ISF 2019, and there are some serious winners in the mix! Comment and let us know what you’re excited to try and what you think once you’ve tried them!

Follow along on our state fair adventure to see what foods we try and what we love!

The Colossus

Arguably one of the most intriguing, in our opinion, is The Colossus. You can find it at Bird’s Nest (home of our FAVORITE “Duck Bacon Wonton”). This sandwich includes a 10” muffalata bun with 3 cheeseburgers, 3 sausage patties, 10 ounces of mac & cheese, plus 6 slices of bacon. This easy-to-share meal option is $25 and I am excited to find a few friends who want to share it with me this fair season 🙂 

The Chief

, aYou can find this delish dish over with our friends at The Rib Shack. It includes fried Navajo bread infused with a (secret recipe) recipe. You can choose between smoked beef brisket or pulled pork. It is covered with cilanto lime slaw and topped with stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno. My mouth is watering. This seems to be a lot of YUM for your money at $8, and looks large enough to share with a friend

X-Treme Balls

These EXTREME tenderloin balls on a stick pack a lot of punch for just one tray. Including 4 one-ounce tenderloin balls drizzled with ketchup and mustard, and layered between pickles and onions, it has everything you need. At only $1/ ball, this meal rounds out at just $4 making it one of the best new deals you can find at the Iowa State Fair. 

Pete’s Steak Popper

Jalapeno Pete’s may be known for their refreshing drinks and laid back atmosphere, but they soon hope to be known for their Steak Poppers as well. The roasted jalapeno is stuffed with homemade smoked brisket and cheddar cheese filling, then wrapped with steak and smoked. This dish is as hot as it sounds (figuratively and literally!), and at just $6, you’ll still have some money to easily pair it with a drink (or two!).

Lemon Sipper Peppermint Straw

The Lemon Sipper Peppermint Straw can be found across from the Elwell Food Building, in a booth alongside campfire cones. This interesting combo will give a refreshing summer drink and tantalize all of your taste pallet! To drink, simply roll the lemon between your hands and drink through the attached candy cane straw. At $3, this is listed as a budget food item for the fair. Pro tip: You can find a $2 off coupon in the Kids’ Club Coupon book!

Georgie’s Roast with the Most Wrap!

Georgie’s pot roast wrap has rice with chorizo fire roasted chile, pepper jack cheese, chipotle aioli, crunchy tortillas, and more. Pair it with green salsa verde on the side. You can find G Mig’s Wrap Stand next to the Varied Industries Building. This wrap has the perfect amount of zing without causing your mouth to burn, and costs $10 to enjoy

Jalapaneo Popper Pizza

Jalapaneo Popper Pizza, from Leimon’s Pizzeria, offers a fresh homemade “special recipe” dough covered with cream cheese, jalapeno, bacon, sweet thai chili with apricot base. It is hot (but not TOO hot) and is the perfect combination of salty + sweet + spicy. Note: The Jalapaneo Popper Pizza is only sold at the Jacobson location and is listed as $5/ slice.

Funnel Fries

Funnel Cakes are fabulous, but not the easiest to eat on the run. There is NOW a fix for that! You can grab these cute Funnel Fries from Brafford’s (located in the triangle across from the Ag Building). This is a fun spin on traditional funnel cakes, without sacrificing the delicious taste. Two dips  are included: Strawberry sauce and Caramel bourbon sauce. You can get your hands on these for $5.

Cookies & cream wonder bar

There is nothing better than a sizzling hot day at the fair than refreshing COLD ice cream. This one brings all the goodness! The Wonder Bar features cookies and cream ice cream dipped in chocolate and then rolled in oreos. Amen! At $4 per bar, it won’t break the bank AND it will cool you down.

chuckie's pork strip basket

This flavorful combination of breaded pork tenderloin with homemade breading and seasoning is served on top of seasoned waffle fries with queso, bacon bits and chives. For those that like a little spice, sriracha sauce is available. You can find all of this at Chuckie’s for $10.


Chicken Street Tacos from Chicken City (by the Susan Knapp stage) is a basket of three flour tortillas filled with seasoned sliced chicken, homemade corn salsa (corn, pepper onion, salt, sugar, lime), and covered with a spicy sour cream sauce on top. The price tag for this delicious meal is 3 tacos in an order for $9.

Bacon Wrapped Pig Wings

Arguably one of the most “Iowa” sounding of the new foods is the Bacon Wrapped Pig Wings. You can find the pig wings at Cindy’s Place (SW corner of pavilion). They are a 4 oz  pig shank, wrapped in bacon, then deep fried. This is listed as a budget food, and is $4/ wing.

Let’s hear it! What are your favorite fair foods! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what we should try this year!