194 days.

Well, well, well. It sure has been AWHILE since I last checked in. 194 days to be exact. I was writing from the media room at the Iowa State Fair, surrounded by political candidates, the smell of freshly sugared funnel cakes, and appreciating the sweetness of air conditioning that comes with the reprieve from a 90 degree day. Ah. The bliss.



Where have I been?

Life after the fair is always met with the balance of “Ahhhh, back to my shower and a full kitchen,” coupled with “Boo hoo’ness over real life vs. Iowa State Fair life.” It’s truly such a juxtaposition.  With that return to reality came an overnight calendar explosion of THINGS, including all the basketball, all the hockey, all the dance, all the Christmas, and alllllllllllllllll the busy. Here we are nearing March and I feel like there may be a free second on the horizon? Nah. I kid. It simply means a rotation of youth sports seasons, but….. It also means the time is approaching to secure our annual ISF camping spot. Can you tell I LIVE FOR State Fair camping each year? Yep, what a thing to get excited for! The native Minnesotans that I share a zip code with simply do. not. get. it.


What's next?

Who knows? Hopefully it won’t be another 194 days before I post again. 🙂 Surely I’ll write 


Fall and Winter Wrap-Up


Basketball. Basketball. Basketball. And more basketball. This is what our passionate 10-year old has been up to as of lately! Recess favorites include: Basketball in the fall and football in the winter. Classroom favorites include math and putting together presentations. He also went out for choir this year, and looks forward to an upcoming spring concert, where he can show us how useful all of the early morning Tuesdays have panned out.


Our cold-loving second grader turned 8 in January. Did I mention she loves the cold? And time spent on our backyard rink? And time spent with her hockey team? Because she does.
She REALLY does.
When I think of Madiana, I would be remiss to not picture her in the environment she loves most – Playing hockey, while not wearing a coat, out in negative degree temperatures.


Our little one is five years old, and her teenager ways are already set in motion. She loves fiercely and wants to do it all! She joined the competition team at her dance studio in the fall and will soon be competing under the lights and on the big stage! She also loves her Termites hockey team and can’t seem to get enough of dressing like a “real hockey player.” Watching her glide so seamlessly from her ballet shoes to her laced up skates is a joy.
Minnesota winters are perfect for these three kiddos that love the ice! HOURS are spent on our backyard rink and we all made it to the US Pond Hockey Championship this year as a family. Even me – who craves the sunshine and mountains of the southwest – had to admit it was a fun day.

See the photo below to get my inner thoughts on falling through the top layer of ice IN THE MIDDLE OF A LARGE LAKE. For an Iowa girl, this just didn’t feel right. Arizona is calling….. And I MUST go soon!