When you have little ones running around, and tripping all over the place, it can be too easy to focus on sticking a plaster on their grazed knees, and then forget all about the health issues that you may be experiencing. However, as most mommas know, but sometimes forget, for the family to work right mom needs to be in tip-top condition as well. Luckily, you will find some advice on things to be aware of concerning your health below. Perfect for moms that have not got time or the energy to scour the internet for wellness advice.


Health Issues Not to Ignore: Sight

If your little ones couldn’t see the whiteboard at school or were struggling to see the TV, you would whisk them straight off to the eye doctor. However, it’s surprisingly easy to put off these sort of checkups when it comes to our own schedule.

Sometimes it may be that we feel too busy to take this time to look after ourselves, and sometimes it may be that we know if we need a new prescription for glasses or contact lens there will be extra costs involved. This is something that can be a bit of strain when you have a family to look after and provide for. However, it is hugely important as a mom to take care of her eyes. Not only so you can keep an eye on your brood and make sure they don’t get into any trouble, but for YOURSELF too.

Of course, it’s something that can genuinely improve your quality of life as well, so it is always worth investigating to see if your medical insurance covers tests and glasses. If not, then why not shop around to see if there are any introductory or special offers you can find that will help you reduce the cost of a test and treatment? It is even possible to order glasses online very cheaply now for short-sightedness as well as long-sightedness, and with some stores, you get to pick a few frames and test them out for a week or so to see which you prefer. Something that means there is no good reason not to take care of your eyes.


Health Issues Not to Ignore: Hearing

Next, hearing is another vital aspect of health that as mothers we should be monitoring and looking after. Of course, it doesn’t always help when we have little one screaming in our ears, or when we have to listen to the same kid’s TV show on repeat at a deafening volume.

Don’t ignore problem with your hearing.

Now, it is unlikely that young and middle-aged moms will have anything too serious wrong with their hearing, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It is also something that is worth looking after as you progress in years. Luckily, the hearing test provision in the US is excellent, and you will often find that tests and treatment are included in the medical cover. Then if you do need treatment, it leaves you with just one issue, and it’s choosing a hearing aid from the many that are now on offer.

Happily, a great deal of these are what is known as low-profile. This means that they are barely noticeable in the ear when wearing, just like these IIC hearing aids which are invisible in the canal. Therefore, even if you do have to wear one a little earlier than you would like, no one will know apart from you.

Health Issues Not to Ignore: Mental Health

Lastly, being a momma ain’t easy, and it is quite common for moms to experience mental health issues due to all the strain that raising kids, working, and caring for a family causes. Of course, some people are more vulnerable to mental health issues than others, especially those that already have suffered from particular conditions or ones that are under acute stress.

Also, the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, and after birth can make new moms particularly susceptible to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Luckily, there is a wealth of information and assistance that is available now, and with the reduction in stigma for mental illness, it is much easier to speak out and get the help that you need.

Your wellbeing is important and something that is all too easy to forget when you are a busy mom. To that end, if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed talk to an understanding family member, or make an appointment to see your doctor because there is treatment available, things do get better, and you shouldn’t ignore any health issues, including mental health ones.