Alcohol is a luxury that as a society we indulge in too often. We all know the main risk of drinking is liver failure. If you’re drinking on a regular occurance, you could be eating away at money that you should be spending on bills and other important expenditures. However, alcohol can do much more than just ruin your wallet. Yet many people continue to binge drink on a regular basis. Take a look at how alcohol could be ruining more than just your wallet.

Alcohol Effects on Your Friendships

Alcohol changes who you are as a sober person. Often, you become a looser version of yourself that appears to have little to no worries at that time. However, some people’s brains don’t react well to alcohol, and it can have an adverse affect, turning you into someone that quite frankly, isn’t very nice to be around. If you’re drinking on a regular basis, alcohol could be causing friendship breakdowns. For the sake of you and your friends, you may want to cut back so that you don’t lose those friendships that you cherish.

Alcohol Effects on your stomach

You’ve probably noticed that after a heavy night of drinking you experience tummy troubles the next day. This can either be in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, or even gastric discomfort. This is because the alcohol is slowly ruining the lining of your stomach, making it harder for your body to digest food (as well as the dehydration too) and therefore leaving you with stomach ache. Do your stomach a favor and visit a gastroenterologist to see what damage has been done and begin rectifying your stomach troubles.

Alcohol Effects on your hygiene

One of the downsides of alcohol is that it impairs your senses and also your frame of mind. More often than not, someone who binge drinks will smell of alcohol all of the time without even realising it! Also, due to the impairing of common sense, you may not be showering as regularly as you normally would too. Don’t let your hygiene slip because of a few simple drinks.

Alcohol Effects on your career

Finally, drinking often can ruin your career in the snap of a finger. Turning up late because you overslept, or even showing up to work still a little drunk can really have an effect on your career. If you are struggling with giving up alcohol, it’s never too late to reach out for some help. There are tons of services that can help with alcoholism, but your first port of call should be your GP. They can offer advice and medications that will help you kick this habit once and for all! Your entire life isn’t worth flushing down the drain for the sake of a bit of alcohol, so take the steps now to change your life!

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Photo Credit: Photo by Stas Ovsky on Unsplash