Mojitos and Munchkins 3x4-001

We had quite the assembly line as we pieced together our last minute Valentine’s this week.
Total production time from start to finish = 15 minutes.  
This worked out great considering it was a busy week of parent-teacher conferences for me!!

This “romantic” holiday started with an intimate daddy & daughter date (in the form of Potty Training Day 1) and ended with two heart shaped pizzas (if you can call a circular pizza with a slight dip in one side a heart) from Papa John’s. ¬†Fascinating, as always!!!!

As for the cute “sucker” Valentine, I was psyched to find a FREE printable from Amanda’s Party To Go!

I created the “Be A Smartie, Be My Valentine” card using MyMemories and of course, my baby girl was excited to add her own graffiti to the mix!