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Being a mama is a J.O.B. In and of itself, mommin’ is quite possibly the hardest thing you’ll ever do. What other job makes you feel guilty, sleep deprived, ready to tear out your hair, and full of love and happiness on a daily basis?

But for some, being a mama is not enough. Some will go back to work, and others will take it upon themselves to start a side hustle. If you are considering working from home while you have little kids, then this is the series for you!

Over the next month, myself and four other amazing bloggers are going to take you deep into the world of being a work at home mama. Make sure to go and subscribe to all of the blogs in the series so that you don’t miss a thing!


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My last assignment of our Five-Mama-Blogging-Round-Up was to track A Day In The Life of a Mom

If I had to make assumptions, I would venture to guess that many of you have questioned exactly what a mom does all day if she doesn’t work outside of the home? As a person who has been in the workforce in some capacity since the age of 16, I get it. I stand guilty of the same.

As a mom that has worked both outside of the home, and a mom that has worked AT home, I can say that a mom that doesn’t “work” outside of the home is by no means not a part of the work force. It takes precision, balance, and strategy, not to mention great efficiency in the area of time management. As a part of this WAHM round-up, myself and four other bloggers are posting about “A Day In the Life Of A Work-At-Home-Mom.” Let this answer your burning questions!

Together, we have decided to track A day in the life. Each of our days undoubtedly different, yet the same in our quest to make the best choices for our families, our careers, and our sanity.

A few things about this particular day. My husband was in town, which he isn’t always as he travels for work. We have evening activities anywhere from 2 – 3 nights a week, one of which was this day. A typical bedtime for the kids is usually around 8pm, but is sometimes later due to evening activities and if ALL kids have to go with or if hubby and I can split duties.

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