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Nothing takes me back to my childhood quite like my mom’s homemade hot chocolate mix.  It was a right of passage as we came in from an afternoon of snow forts and snowmen, trying to thaw out next to the vents of warm air over our wood stove.  It was a hot cup of comfort late at night on wintery weekends home from college.  It was a yummy conversation as an adult – One mom to another.  Throughout the 3 decades of my life, I have loved and cherished every cup of hot chocolate that I have shared with my beautiful mom.  Now I am sharing it with my two beautiful children…. And you!!

-3 cups Nestle Nesquik Chocolate
-1 8 oz. jar French Vanilla Coffee Mate

-1 cup powdered sugar
-3 1-quart packs of Carnation dry milk or 1 3-quart (9.6 oz) bag

Mix 1/4 cup of mix into hot water.  Enjoy 🙂
If you want to take your hot chocolate party to the next level, check out Pinterest for LOTS of fun hot chocolate bar ideas!!!  We all have our favorite toppings.  For example, while I prefer peppermint whipped cream, my 4 year old prefers marshmallows…. And LOADS of them!  My husband likes his with a shot of baileys and my 2 year old likes to slop hers up with a spoon…. Spilling it over as much of her clothing as she can 🙂  Whatever our preferences, we ALL love it!!

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