When Did Sleep Become A Luxury? When Your Child Was Born.

Being a parent comes with many daily blessings. You are afforded the opportunity to watch your heart grow and flourish outside of your body. You get to say phrases that you truly never thought possible to come out of someone’s mouth, many times shocking even yourself. You are challenged to the core, pushed to your limits and watch as your heart stretches to sizes unknown. You quickly learn that love has no boundaries and that frustration has even more limitless walls of limits. You plan birthday parties, hug tattered children,  assist with measurement and vocab and name writing. One thing you are NOT granted permission to do as a parent however is sleep.

Sleep Is Never Promised

As a parent, you quickly learn to live on little sleep. From the time your child is a newborn, parents sacrifice hours of sleep for the tiny offspring that they are given the charge of raising. At some point, I mistakenly thought the hours of need would become less. I grew hopeful that there would be hours of “clocking out” and getting short but desperate reprieve from constantly being on.

I was wrong.

Tell Us About Your Sleep Schedule…

What are the mornings vibes where you are? Did you wake on your own or were you thrust into parenting by the voice of your tiny human alarm clock? Let’s commiserate together, mama. I got you.