When is the Right Time to Replace your Flooring?

Ripping up your flooring and having it replaced is never going to be a cheap exercise and there might be times when you are unsure if replacement is the right solution. This article was written to help the homeowner to recognize when the time is right for floor replacement, and with that in mind, here are a few signs that your flooring is nearing the end of its life.

  • Carpets – Generally speaking, a good quality carpet should last about ten years and if yours still looks a little jaded after a wet clean, perhaps it is time for a change, which, of course, opens other options. A vinyl floor needs minimal maintenance, especially when compared to carpet. You can see and experience a wide range of quality flooring composites and even a selection of timber benchtops at Melbourne supplier Market Timbers. Of course, stains and heavy wear can drastically shorten the life of a carpet, and without regular care and attention, carpets can quickly deteriorate.
  • Selling your Property – If the floors leave a lot to be desired, this will make the home a lot less attractive to a buyer, and with vinyl flooring throughout, a small investment could mean a quick sale. Vinyl is low cost when compared to solid timber flooring and with a few other improvements, the property will be that much more attractive to a potential buyer. Engineered flooring is another cost-effective way to replace a floor and the exterior finish is real timber.

  • The Flooring Doesn’t Match – If you have redecorated a few times and the flooring has remained the same, it might not look right with the current ambience. Carpet could be replaced with vinyl and with so many stunning timber grain finishes, you are sure to find the ideal combination. Larger rooms should have a darker floor color, while less spacious rooms greatly benefit from a lighter shade, such as beige.

  • A Change of Style – If you have decided on a radical transformation with the home décor, the flooring would likely be included in that. Whether solid timber, reengineered or a composite, a new floor will perfectly complement the new ambience. There are online suppliers of all types of flooring and with a little browsing, you should be able to locate one that is within driving distance and once you have had a good look at the products on their website, you can narrow down your choices and pay them a visit.

Your flooring should last a good few years and when it is time to think about replacement, there are many options open to you. Whether you prefer solid timber or a composite, your new flooring, if installed correctly, will give you many years of trouble-free service. It is worth taking the time to really examine all of your flooring options, especially with the advancements made in composite materials, which offer the homeowner a multitude of benefits.

Whatever you decide, make sure you deal with an established supplier who has experience with installing domestic flooring and you should be more than happy with the outcome.

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