I recently ran across some writing I did as a high school senior, as a member of my small town school’s newspaper staff. I chuckled at my writing style, my run-on sentences, and my silly mistakes. I also remembered how much I loved to write in those moments, not at all caring about any of the aforementioned problems. I remember being excited to share a story, happy to share my talent with others, and THRILLED to see my words in print.

It’s not every day that I go back through the 1999 archives.  I do, however, periodically scroll through old blog posts. Blogging serves as a scrapbook into my life, a way to record my stories, words and memories from a certain day and time. In some ways, it allows me to reflect on how much I’ve grown. In other ways, it reminds me how far I need to continue growing as a person and the areas that I can focus my energies.

Three short years ago, Mojitos & Munchkins was born. With it, came Real Life Mama Drama, an outlet for me to vent my frustrations and air my dirty laundry, and a way to communicate with those that I don’t see on a daily basis and/or may never get to meet. It opened up a door to a universe I never knew existed. One of my earlier writings was reflecting on the business of life. The everyday chaos of surviving and finding balance amongst the moments and the deadlines and the requirements of our days.

Check out Remember To Be a Kid from my 2014 Archives.

As always, thanks for checking in and visiting me at Mojitos & Munchkins.

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