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Only a bada$* mom would be cool enough to get a drone for her family. AmIRight or AM I RIGHT?? I. Am. Right.
Well, this momma has been happily playing with the 4 Channel 6-Axis Gyro Headless Remote Control Quadcopter FPV RC Drone with Wifi Camera for Real Time Video and Pictures, by Best Choice Products and it makes me happy.

WHO is this drone for?

From the bada$* mom wanting an aerial view of the kids in the cul-de-sac to the college kid who has a vlog, from the grandpa checking out his crops to the 14-year old wanting to check out his hockey team from “up top,” this drone has a little bit for everyone. This is a good option for first time drone pilots, as there is minimal directions needed to effectively fly and execute filming. The age recommendation is 14+ and I would agree with that. My young kids weren’t able to fly it themselves, but loved watching the quadcopter and the subsequent videos.

WHAT are the goods & bads?

There were many things I loved about this Remote Quadcopter, and a few things that I didn’t love. My highlights include the very affordable price point and the FPV (First Person View) capabilities. Although I was originally hesitant about the lack of directions offered in the manual, I quickly came to realize that it was easy to figure out through trial and error. I love the clip that attaches to the remote device which locks your phone into place. This allows for a seamless wifi connection and also allows you to use your phone to operate and pilot the device. The body of the drone itself could certainly stand to be more sturdy, but the lightweight frame also allows for easy lift off. There are four landing legs on the underside, which help regulate smooth take offs and landings, but they snap off pretty easily even when falling from a short distance. Super glue quickly became my friend and the legs were back on in a hurry.


WHERE can this be used?

Despite the directions that specifically say to only fly outside, we may or may not have tried flying this in our bedroom. It was midnight when I got around to opening the package, so too dark to go outside, and I just. Couldn’t. Wait. I would certainly recommend following protocol and flying in an open space, though it was good for us to practice our piloting skills in a confined space. I would also suggest flying in an area without trees or barriers until you are used to controlling the quadcopter. We typically flew this during daylight hours, but were impressed that even nighttime video showed up. My munchkins thought is was soooooooooo cool that the “airplane” took pictures of them, even at night! Now that they know my drone friend can take pictures and videos of their every move, I might have to tell them I can fly it wherever they are to check in on them. Shhhhhhhhhh.

Is this Mojitos & Munchkins approved?


WHY should you get this?

For this price point, the BCP 4-Channel 6-axis Remote Control Quadcopter with Video is a great value. The 2MP camera and Wi-Fi control allows you to capture, save, and share live video and photos. This works for both IOS and Android users and is easy to learn for beginners. This device comes with an extra battery pack, which is useful because flight time before needing a recharge is 5-7 minutes. The landing legs help the quadcopter to not only land as safe as a cat falling out of a tree, but helps with the lift-off as well.

Check out this product here…. Just in time for the holidays!